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Singapore Police investigating confrontation between cyclists and taxi driver near Middle Road

Police are investigating a video of a confrontation between cyclists and a ComfortDelGro taxi driver near Middle Road.

The footage shows a group of cyclists biking in the leftmost and middle lane of the three-lane road, with one possibly hitting the taxi’s rear. A verbal altercation ensued, with the taxi driver alleging a cyclist hit his side mirror.



SINGAPORE: A video displaying a confrontation between a group of cyclists and a ComfortDelGro taxi driver near Middle Road on Saturday (21 Oct) is currently under investigation by the police.

The incident, which took place at around 8:25 a.m., was captured and uploaded on the Facebook group SG Road Vigilante.

The footage consists of in-car camera segments, depicting the events leading up to the dispute, as well as the quarrel between the cyclists and the taxi driver.

Before the altercation with the taxi driver, snippets from other in-car camera recordings depicted the cyclists occupying the middle lane of a three-lane road, with a Hyundai car in front, supposedly before the “taxi incident.”

When the cyclists and the car stopped at a traffic light, one of the cyclists could be observed gesturing at the car.

The video caption mentioned that the cyclist “confronted” the car driver because of a “honking” incident.

Cyclists engage in roadway dispute with taxi driver

The in-car camera footage reveals the group of approximately five cyclists biking in the leftmost and middle lane of the three-lane road, trailing a taxi.

The taxi came to a stop, leaving about a car’s length of space between itself and the car in front, which had also halted for a red light.

A cyclist behind the taxi seemed to have either hit or almost hit the taxi’s rear, causing the cyclist to stumble.

Following this, the group of cyclists encircled the taxi, leading to a verbal altercation.

One of the cyclists appeared to have recorded the incident. The video starts with a visibly agitated man, presumably the taxi driver, exclaiming, “Buay song lai loh” (not happy come lah), along with a string of profanities.

A cyclist responds with the same profanities, while another cyclist behind the camera repeatedly questions the taxi driver, “Why you jam brake?”

The taxi driver responded, “You (cut) into my lane. Why can’t I jam brake?!”

The cyclist filming then inquired, “Why did you cut into his lane?” before reiterating the question about the abrupt braking.

The cyclist argued, “You see you jam brake, the car in front so far away. You jam brake here, you know,” as he directed the camera to demonstrate the considerable gap between the taxi and the car ahead.

“You trying to injure alot of drivers, riders, you know?” the cyclist told the driver, in response, the taxi driver unleashed a rapid barrage of Hokkien vulgarities.

Claiming that the cyclist had “struck his side mirror,” the taxi driver retrieved his phone from the driver’s seat, strode towards the front and to the left side of his vehicle.

A cyclist, who had positioned himself near the vehicle’s front, tumbled to the ground along with his bicycle. Meanwhile, the taxi driver was observed recording his left-side mirror.

Seated on the ground, the cyclist asked a fellow rider, “You have it on camera, ah?” Several cyclists confirmed that they had the incident captured on camera.

The taxi driver’s voice could be heard saying, “Never mind, never mind. I got money. Taxi drivers don’t have money, ah?”

The police investigating the road dispute

As reported by the Singapore state media, The Straits Times, the police were notified of a request for help at the junction of Victoria Street and Middle Road around 8:30 a.m.

According to the authorities, a 41-year-old man suffered minor injuries but refused to be transported to the hospital.

Investigations into the incident are currently underway.


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Looks like a bunch of gangsters – hogging and surrounding a vehicle in the center lane. But expected lah, this is just a follow-up of the previous FAILURE by MOT/LTA/AMAP to PROPERLY implement the use of bicycles and PMDs. Recall the minister-in-charge of that (Janil P.) now CBL in another ministry.

They think they’re kings of the roads on their alum and carbon horses. Until a 10 wheeler flatten them and send them to meet their maker. Sh!+ for brains.

Last edited 3 months ago by Mateo

Invited in pest?
Loads of entitlement cos it was your PAP THAT ASKED FOR IT!😆😆😆😆😆😆

What is the reason for cyclists to hog the road? Just take the left most lane and stay there. Authorities should start taking enforcement actions. Some jail time should be educational to reign in their conceit.

Certainly this is NOT an isolated incident. Stressful living in Sheegapore is taking its toll, and what, the authorrities DO NOT HAVE eyes to see, AND DO NOT want to get involved, like as in areas of mental health. Any studies, any focus? How about suicides, of domestic workers, foreign workers, and locals?

But what is common, is one can see authorities patting their backs shouting as always nonsenses about social mobility, making this that available, and all balls stories, and mother of all, WE HAVE YOUR Backs!

Cyclists seem to be looking out for disputes.

Instead of spending time ‘training’ to keep fit, improve techniques, they
rather do things to annoy other road users.

How can any cyclist achieve anything for their original goals by
spending a weekend cycling inside the city.?

They dress up just to look for trouble and always claim to be victims.
No sense of survival.

The cyclist that stays at the edge of the road or ride on footpaths are the
respectful ones. Not these leisure seekers appearing to be part of the “Tour de France’.


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