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Tada driver’s car stalls on expressway; Driver’s attire and lack of decal sticker spark online debate

A recent incident allegedly involving a Tada ride has stirred discussions about driver professionalism. A Facebook user shared a post depicting a Tada driver’s car stranded on an expressway after running out of fuel during a late-night ride. The user highlighted the driver’s casual attire, questioning professionalism



SINGAPORE: A recent incident involving an allegedly Tada ride in Singapore has raised questions about the professionalism of ride-hailing drivers.

On Thursday (19 Oct),  a Facebook user shared a post on the “PROFESSIONAL PHV DRIVERS SINGAPORE: Grab, Gojek, Tada n Ryde” page, showcasing an allegedly stranded Tada driver’s car on the expressway, which had run out of gas.

The incident took place during a late-night ride, and the user explained that their friend was the passenger.

Unfortunately, the ride came to a halt due to a lack of fuel, leaving the driver and rider stranded on the expressway.

The user also pointed out that the driver, allegedly wearing flip-flops and shorts, did not adhere to the expected professional attire.

“This one champion.. take my friend late night.. no petrol.. stuck on the expressway.. Some more wear slipper and shorts to drive. drive Tada.. uniform tadah, petrol also tadah,” the user wrote in the post caption, highlighting the driver’s lack of uniform and fuel.

Netizens express skepticism and nonchalance

The post swiftly garnered attention from netizens, sharing their views and points on the matter.

Most of them were those who criticized the user for nitpicking about trivial details such as the driver’s attire.

Their argument: “you get what you pay for,” implying that low-cost rides might come with certain trade-offs.

One user expressed that the attire of the driver is of no concern to them, as long as they reach their destination safely.

However, another shared a screenshot of thePrivate Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL) where it states that drivers of public service vehicles are expected to dress in a way that will maintain decorum and professionalism expected by commuters to avoid complaints and to drive safely.

Given that drivers often have to work long hours, typically 10 to 12 hours a day, just to make ends meet, the user speculated that the driver might have miscalculated their fuel range.

Meanwhile, some users raised concerns about the lack of a Decal sticker, questioning the legality of the car’s service.

Scepticism also emerged among some commentators, who questioned the story’s legitimacy, suggesting that the user might have been using a Hitch ride service rather than a professional private hire vehicle (PHV) driver.

However, another individual shared a screenshot that is purportedly of the ride in question. It shows an ’emergency’ feature within the Tada app, and the location of the vehicle somewhat matches what was depicted in the photo shared by the user.

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No difference between PHV drivers and PMD riders.
Tardy, sloppy, inconsiderate people.
Hiding behind the facade of poor, suffering people trying to make a living.

Drive like they are walking and ignore rules and etiquette..
People who use these services are just as tardy.