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Malaysian child with cerebral palsy bedridden after school chair-pulling prank gone awry

A Malaysian child, afflicted with cerebral palsy, grapples with spinal injuries after a cruel school prank rendered her bedridden.

Shared on TikTok by her mother, the heart-rending incident, stemming from a vicious chair-pulling joke, has thrust the young girl into an uphill battle for healing.



MALAYSIA: A young Malaysian child diagnosed with cerebral palsy suffered severe spinal injuries, leaving her confined to her bed after a distressing incident at school.

Iqa’s mother, taking to TikTok, shared her daughter’s heart-wrenching story.

The incident in question revolved around a malicious chair-pulling prank, which tragically led to Iqa’s devastating fall and consequential spinal cord injuries.

This unfortunate twist of fate has left Iqa confined to her bed, embarking on an arduous journey towards recovery.

Since being posted on TikTok by the mother, under user @azera5276, on Saturday (14 Oct), the video has garnered an astonishing 1.4 million views.


Perkara yang ditakuti , kakak iqa jatuh disebabkan kawan tarik kerusi ketika di sekolah,now kena bedridden selagi tidak sembuh ..Allah …semua pihak perlu diingatkan tentang bahayanya gurauan begituu…sekarang kami yang alami ujian ini…doakan kakak iqa cepat sembuh….AAMIN #fypシ #shahalam #jatuhdisebabkankawantarikkerusi

♬ Sayang Sampai Mati – Repvblik

In the video, Iqa’s mother openly discussed the challenges she has faced in raising her daughter, emphasizing the profound lessons that Iqa, despite her cerebral palsy, has imparted.

Iqa’s unwavering determination to nurture her independence and be treated no differently from her siblings has been a source of inspiration.

The mother expressed, “Throughout our journey, raising Iqa has been an immense challenge. ”

“She’s the one who has taught me the true meaning of life, despite her condition. I’ve strived to encourage her independence and raise her just like my other children. However, this incident has left me utterly heartbroken.”

The mother recounted that Iqa’s chair was pulled out from under her as part of a prank played by a friend.

The incident has stirred a wave of indignation among the TikTok online community

This event has ignited a surge of anger within the TikTok online community, leading to calls for accountability and stricter measures to prevent such dangerous pranks.

Some have proposed that the parents of the responsible classmate bear the burden of the medical expenses, while others have gone so far as to urge Iqa’s mother to seek legal intervention.



This unfortunate occurrence stands as a stark reminder of the latent hazards concealed within seemingly innocuous pranks.

It poignantly underscores the urgent necessity of augmenting awareness and educating students regarding the far-reaching consequences of their actions, especially when they imperil the safety and well-being of others.

Concurrently, it acts as a clarion call for both educational institutions and parents to reevaluate their commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of all students, thereby forestalling such regrettable incidents in the future.



Additionally, one teacher shared her exasperation over a similar occurrence in her classroom, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention and reform.


In a show of empathy and solidarity, netizens have shared their own experiences.

One recounted how her life had been marred by a 32-year ordeal of pain stemming from a chair-pulling prank, culminating in a herniated L1-L5 intervertebral disc.

Despite a recent steroid injection, the persistent agony continues, and forgiveness remains elusive.


Another netizen disclosed a tragic episode within their community where a child was left partially paralyzed due to the thoughtless act of pulling a chair from underneath.


Other netizens shared their own experiences, mentioning that their children’s spines were left misaligned as a result of chair-pulling pranks at school.


Devastating prank results in multiple devere injuries for Iqa

The girl, Iqa, endured a series of serious injuries, including a coccyx fracture, disc bulge, and bone bruise, all stemming from a chair-pulling prank orchestrated by her friend.

Consequently, Iqa now grapples with a range of spinal issues.

In an effort to assess the extent of her injury, Iqa underwent an MRI scan for an update on her condition. In a poignant video, Iqa’s mother described her daughter’s tears and pain centered around her waist.

Subsequently, a TikTok video shared by her mother shed light on Iqa’s condition, confirming the presence of a coccyx fracture, disc bulge, and bone bruise.

The mother later reported that her daughter had been discharged from the hospital. However, despite her progress, Iqa still requires a pillow when sitting and cannot remain seated for extended periods, necessitating significant bed rest.

Given Iqa’s ongoing medical challenges, she and her mother find themselves frequently shuttling to the hospital for physiotherapy sessions aimed at expediting Iqa’s recovery.

Additionally, the concerned mother took to social media to share a poster, warning the public about the potential hazards associated with chair-pulling pranks.


(Photo: TikTok/azera5276)

A 12-year-old Malaysian child actress suffered a similar injury due to chair-pulling prank

Evidently, this perilous prank has become quite common in our daily lives, with numerous chair-pulling prank videos proliferating on search engines.

Such pranks are not limited to school settings but also occur in public spaces.

This prank typically begins when someone intends to sit on a chair, at which point another individual involved in the prank suddenly pulls the chair out from under them.

Consequently, rather than finding a chair to sit on, the unsuspecting victim abruptly tumbles to the ground or floor.

At the year’s onset, precisely in February, the 12-year-old child actress, Puteri Rafasya, found herself entangled in a similar incident.

A younger child, seemingly in pursuit of playful antics, pulled the chair from beneath her while on a film set.

Tragically, this resulted in a severe injury to Puteri, as her hip bone cracked due to the impact against a metal tripod leg.

The repercussions were profound, as Puteri endured excruciating pain and the inability to sit or walk unaided, entirely dependent on her family for support due to the fractured hip bone.

Her condition deteriorated to the extent that she required admission to the pediatric ward and began experiencing nerve-related problems.

In response to the distressing situation, the child actress’s mother, Fatin Aliza Salmi, has enlisted the services of a lawyer and is determined to initiate legal proceedings against those responsible.

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