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Leong Sze Hian questions Singapore government’s transparency on job distribution disparity

In a recent social media post, Leong Sze Hian, Singaporean blogger and financial adviser, voiced apprehension over the unequal job opportunities and wages in Singapore.

He challenged the ruling government’s reluctance to offer a detailed breakdown of job statistics, scrutinizing the disparities among citizens and non-citizens.



SINGAPORE: Singaporean blogger and financial adviser, Leong Sze Hian, recently voiced his concerns about the unequal distribution of job opportunities and wages in Singapore through a social media post.

He questioned the reluctance of the ruling government by the People’s Action Party (PAP), to provide a comprehensive breakdown of job statistics, specifically comparing the job growth among local-born citizens, foreigners, PRs, and new citizens.

In a recent YouTube video, Mr Leong raised a pertinent question about the lack of inquiries from Members of Parliament regarding the alarming job statistics in Singapore.

Mr Leong emphasized that Singapore witnessed a record-breaking job growth of over 200,000 positions last year.

As per the March report from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on the labour market, the total employment for 2022 showed a notable upswing, reaching a record high of 227,800, resulting in a total employment figure of 3,625,100.

Of this growth, resident employment expanded by 26,300, primarily in outward-oriented sectors such as financial services and information and communications. The substantial increase in total employment, however, was largely contributed by non-resident employment (201,600).

MOM clarified that this was mainly attributed to recruiting Work Permit holders in sectors like construction and manufacturing, as businesses filled vacancies after the relaxation of border controls.

Despite this increase, non-resident employment has only recovered to 99.2 per cent of its pre-pandemic levels.

88.5% job growth allocated to foreigners in 2022

Regarding the 2022 job growth, Mr Leong said 88.5% of this growth was allocated to foreigners, leaving the remaining 11.5% for Permanent Residents.

“So you add the PR to the foreigners. You’re looking at 90% of the record drop growth last year went to non-Singaporeans.”

He said an estimated 52.3% of the total workforce, excluding migrant domestic workers, are non-native Singaporeans, and he categorised them as “foreigners, PRs and new citizens”.

He further questioned why the government hesitated to provide a breakdown of the job statistics for the public’s perusal, urging for greater transparency.

“Why is the government so scared of being transparent? ”

Long-term income inequality in Singapore’s labour market

Mr Leong highlighted the issue of stagnant wages by pointing out that over the last 21 years, approximately 54% of the workforce in six out of the eight occupational groups experienced little to no real increase in their earnings.

For instance, he illustrated the scenario of an administrative assistant earning S$1500 over two decades ago, and noting that today’s minimum starting salary for the same role remains at S$1500, according to the current occupational wages formula.

“So can you imagine? 21 years, you had not been increased every year you earning less money.”

Concluding his message, he spoke to the camera, “You know what to do when the next election comes,” implying that Singaporeans should wield their voting power wisely.

Alternative parties MPs challenge Manpower Minister on local employment concerns and foreign workforce policies

Notably, several Members of Parliament previously directed inquiries to the Manpower Minister, expressing concerns about the local employment rate and the government’s foreign workforce policies.

For example, Mr Leong Mun Wai, a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament from the Progress Singapore Party, raised questions in July regarding the surge in resident employment by 2,800 in Q1 2023.

He sought information on the proportion of the increase attributed to non-residents becoming residents and requested a breakdown of the increase in terms of full-time permanent and part-time employment.

In response, Minister Dr Tan See Leng clarified that data concerning the net change in resident employment based on workers’ prior residency status, and their employment type (full-time or part-time), “are not collected in the quarterly labour market reports.”

In January of this year, Gerald Giam, the Workers’ Party MP for Aljunied GRC, directed a query to the Minister regarding the significant increase of 75,900 new jobs in Q3 2022, with 71,100 going to non-residents.

Additionally, he inquired whether the Minister expects most new jobs created to go to non-residents over the next four quarters; and what steps is the Ministry taking to enable more Singaporeans to take up these newly created jobs.

It was questions from Mr Giam that prompted the Minister to break down the Q3 2022 figures to employment distribution among non-residents under different passes—specifically, Employment Passes (11,300), S Passes (5,900), and work permits or other passes (53,900).

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Gutzy Asia got better news than Street Times…
Pray hard you don’t lose your jobs to foreigners, my advice to Pineapple Tarts Lovers.
What do you think?

Well done Leong Sze Hian. God Bless.

Mayonaisse job the best! $600,000 a year . LoL

You make it again !!!

Well done to all Pineapple Tarts lovers.

Make you dont lost your jobs to foreigners. tsk tsk tsk

I would be keen to see tangible results of salaries increasing. Cost of living increase but our salaries still remain the same.

Already given up looking for a job in Singapore as I don’t want to be underemployed.

jobs for FTs. NS and “fuck you understand” for sinkies.

Only govt. in the world that gets voted in for giving employment to foreigners. The wages will keep coming down and costs will rise.Maybe at that point the 86% will realise they have hurt their children and grandchildren by voting in the PAP. Many working two jobs. In another six months, might have to do three. The longer the 86% take to vote for the Opposition, the more their savings are going to be depleted.

The G is comprised of nothing but arrogant, self centred compulsive liars! They lie about everything or better still, twist and turn their words tot eh very people they serve. They think Singaporeans are stupid but after the P.E where they voted for Ong Lai man, I’m beginning to think the same. Where is he now? He’s supposed to be the numbers man but he’s not even lifted a finger or said anything to assure us of our future. Suicide rates are at par with the cost of living in SG. And all this bloody ministars can come up with… Read more »

Keep hearing Singapore un-employment rate….tsk tsk tsk

Ask the Tarman Jurong pineapple tarts better. they know best.

They rather spent $millions and $millions on financing inkapore talents, chinoy table tennis players, giving free scholars to aliens, aliens to take over your jobs than giving out say $200,000 each to parents to increased birth rates?

Singapore got no talents? Who is Asian Gold medalist for 200 meter sprint run? Is it Shanti Pereira? Michael Schooling ?

What do you think? Wake up pine apple tarts in Tarman Jurong. tsk tsk tsk

Lee should leave!!!Period.
He started a lot of this shitty attitude in Parliament.
Wanted to Fix, then AIM.
Then you get these idiots like Vivi boy. Spewing Rubbish then regretting.
Teo Cheeby Hean sleeping.
Out of all that you get Small Space Sex.
And Ki Chu—-Ki Chu.
What utter rubbish.
Small country like Singapore, can really be something & yet 40% complaining like never before.
Reminder: Founding Fathers were only founders of PAP not Singapore.

Singapore community watchgroups now offer gangstalking job where u spy on your neighbours for some cash.See nothing snitch something…

This regime’s desperate to show it’s people that the job situation, … is under control and improving.

When pressed for specific data, … they’ve chosen to obfuscate the stats with spin and shit !!!

Long gone are the days, … where everything this regime spouts and shits, is taken and accepted at “face value” !!!

Not any~more, and, … it’s thanks to the minority and individuals like LSH who’ll persist with deep and probing questions that the opposition seem “uncomfortable” to entertain !!!

juz a common sense:
if the numbers were good for citizens …


comment image

Politicians hiding in darkness, doing dark deeds. Are these upright and immoral people?

I work in the Banking industry and 90% of the workers are CECA Foreign Trash from India and GROWING!!! They are all incompetent with fake or rubbish third world qualifications. CECA Foreign Trash from India is the BIGGEST PROBLEM affecting Singaporeans. Crazy and evil LHL will import millions more of foreign trash from India to boost his wallet and voter base. He has been screwing and backstabbing Singaporeans for the last 15 years!!! Singaporeans will be really screwed because they will lose their jobs to foreign trash from India and will be jobless and penniless forever. We have to kick… Read more »

Just like how the G refused to divulge Ho Ching’s salary, we can expect the G to hide some uncomfortable truths.

And I echo LSH’s call for Singaporeans to do the right thing comes the next GE.

Transparency is not the policy of PAP. Can ask and ask But no reply. So much jobs then why not actively seeking those not retired yet to work?!?

No wonder I keep hearing un-employment rate very low. ! tsk tsk tsk

What do you think?

Minister Amy Khor said the increase in water price is to remind Singaporeans that there is a cost to water and so to use it wisely.

Singaporeans should use their votes to remind the ruling elites that there is a limit to pushing Singaporeans against the wall and more importantly not to take Singaporeans for granted.

If Singaporeans believe their one vote is not going to matter, just remember the people who will suffer the most are their children and their grandchildren, when they are long gone.

Everything matters.