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Captain Yap Hui Jun makes history as first S’porean woman to conquer the rigorous 65-day SAF Ranger course

In a historic milestone, Captain Yap Hui Jun becomes the first Singaporean woman to complete the rigorous 65-day SAF Ranger course. Major-General David Neo celebrated her achievement. Her success serves as an inspiration and a demonstration of the capabilities of women in the military.



SINGAPORE: Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Captain Yap Hui Jun has become the first woman to successfully complete the gruelling 65-day Ranger course.

This accomplishment not only marks a historic moment for the SAF but also signifies a remarkable achievement for Captain Yap, who is also the first female trainee to conquer this rigorous training program.

Chief of Army, Major-General David Neo took to LinkedIn on 17 October, to spotlight this achievement.

Neo wrote, “It’s a great day to be a Ranger! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome our first female Ranger in the 50-year history of the SAF Ranger course, CPT Yap Hui Jun! Immensely proud.”

(Photo: David Neo/ LinkedIn)


The SAF Ranger course, conducted annually at Pasir Ris Camp since 1978, is renowned as one of the most challenging courses in the SAF.

It focuses on intense combat leadership training with a strong emphasis on small-unit tactics, as outlined on the MINDEF website.

This course is mandatory for regulars in Singapore’s commando battalions and also admits a limited number of regulars from other formations.

It is designed to push trainees to their limits, with various physically demanding requirements, including static line parachute jumps, rappelling exercises, a 20-kilometer combat march, a full field exercise that includes a 5-kilometer casualty evacuation, and other essential skills such as live firing and boat training.

Captain Yap’s achievement is not only a testament to her dedication and resilience but also a significant step towards gender equality within the SAF.

Her success serves as an inspiration and a demonstration of the capabilities of women in the military.

For more insight into the intensity of the SAF Ranger course, you can refer to videos released by the SAF, such as the example from the 49th SAF Ranger course, showcasing the challenges and training that trainees undertake.

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Is Captain Yap “transgender”? Sorry, but this is a question that needs to be asked nowadays.