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Malaysian teenager robbed in elevator at South Johor Bahru apartment; Suspect arrested

In a district of Johor Bahru, a local man targeted a teenager in an apartment elevator, captured on video. The suspect, seen in a white helmet, engaged the teen, briefly blocked their exit, and attempted a wallet theft before the victim fled to another floor.




MALAYSIA: A robbery took place in a local apartment in Johor Bahru, where a teenager was targeted in an elevator.

The incident began when the teenager, already inside the elevator, was approached by two helmeted men, but one of them left.

A video posted on X by user @nanmanjoi8715 on Tuesday (17 Oct), shows a lone teenager entering the elevator with two helmeted individuals, but only one of them actually joined him inside.

In the subsequent CCTV footage, a helmeted individual in a white t-shirt engaged in conversation with the young man, preventing him from leaving the elevator.

The suspect went as far as attempting to search the victim’s bag and allegedly took her wallet before returning it and fleeing.

After being left alone in the elevator and arriving at a floor, the teenager escaped to ensure his safety.

In the video’s comments section, numerous online users expressed their dismay over the bandits’ actions towards the young man who found himself alone in the elevator.

Several netizens are highlighting the importance of self-defense knowledge in our contemporary world, which they see as growing more challenging. They note that an increasing number of individuals resort to criminal activities for monetary gain instead of choosing legitimate employment.

Others provide tips on self-defense in situations of entrapment, one of which involves directing a kick towards the perpetrator’s groin area.

This incident has also instilled fear in some individuals, making them hesitant to use elevators solo at any location.

Additionally, in response to this unsettling incident, netizens raised awareness about the emergency bell feature typically present in elevators to aid in situations like this robbery.

South Johor Bahru police’s report on the case

The South Johor Bahru District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Raub Selamat, through their official Facebook page, confirmed the arrest of the 43-year-old suspect in the same apartment at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday (17 Oct).

The arrest followed a police report filed by the 14-year-old victim regarding the incident that occurred on Sunday (15 Oct) at 05:25 p.m. local time.

Police officers confiscated the suspect’s mobile phone, trousers, and shoes, uncovering a troubling history of four criminal cases and three drug-related incidents.

Additionally, a urine screening test revealed the suspect tested positive for morphine.

This case is being investigated under Section 392 of the Penal Code, carrying a potential prison sentence of up to 14 years, along with possible fines or corporal punishment.

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