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Video of afternoon floor cleaning in HDB complex sparks concern among netizens

A viral TikTok video highlights a user’s protest against peak-hour cleaning of public floors, emphasizing the safety risks associated with wet surfaces and advocating for maintenance during off-peak hours to prevent accidents.




SINGAPORE: When a floor is undergoing cleaning, it’s only natural for individuals to exercise extra caution to avoid slipping.

In public spaces, to ensure the safety of pedestrians, markers are typically placed when the cleaning process is in progress, indicating a potentially slippery surface.

Recently, a TikTok video went viral, featuring a protest against the cleaning crews responsible for mopping or cleaning floors during the daytime.

The video, shared by user irinnlee007 on their TikTok account on Saturday (14 Oct), captures her impassioned objection to cleaning activities conducted by workers at the HDB in the Everton Park district.

She voices her concerns with the caption, “HDB Town Councils, can the washing of common areas be done during off-peak hours? Otherwise, cleaners must be given instructions to thoroughly dry the floors. It’s very dangerous, as residents coming out of the elevator may slip and fall.”


#washing #voiddeck #LiftLobby #TooWet #Dangerous #Notsafe #EspeciallyComingOutFromLift #SignageNotGoodEnough #NeedToMopDry #WashingShouldDoOffPeakHours

♬ original sound – SGPropertyConsultantIrinnLee – 🇸🇬 SG Irinn 盈萱

In the video, visible puddles of water are seen, a consequence of the floor-washing process.

Notably, a “beware of wet floor” sign is displayed at the beginning of the video, placed in the vicinity of the cleaning area.

However, it remains inconspicuous to residents emerging from the elevators.

The video has elicited a range of reactions from online users

This TikTok upload has garnered 17,000 views as of the current moment and has been subsequently shared on Facebook group via “Singapore Incident” on Monday (16 Oct).

In the comments, Irinnlee disclosed that floor cleaning in the ground floor elevator lobby typically transpires from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, while the incident was recorded after 6:00 pm.

Irinnlee also mentioned that she had assisted in sweeping away some of the water; there had been even more water on the floor before her intervention.


Numerous users expressed their frustration, noting that complaints arise whether or not the floor is cleaned, while others argued that nighttime cleaning would lead to noise complaints.



Other user even suggested discontinuing the use of slippery tiles, citing the heightened risk during rainy weather, emphasizing the importance of personal vigilance.



Furthermore, a user contended that floor cleaning should exclusively involve semi-wet mops, as drenching the floor is both improper and a safety risk, especially if it is not promptly dried.


Several users shared personal experiences of slipping due to such situations.



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Money make from town council fees , put in Lehman brothers. Lost big time. tsk tsk tsk

Thank you for the feed back:

1) Not enough of safety sign boards to indicate wet floors
2) If fall down , who pay the hospital and medical bills, who is going to take care of the vicitms?
3) We pay town council fees, this is considered a complaint

Hello !! pineapple lovers, please wake up !!!! tsk tsk tsk

Clean you complain, don’t clean you complain. I mean WTF does it take to appease you? You mean to say the Bangla has to work thru all day and wait for you to sleep then start washing at night only for you to complain now about the high pressure machine noise? Get a life or go measure your KKJ every hour see got difference or not.

Maybe the cleaning can be done between 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Or after 9pm at night.