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2-trillion-rupiah check discovered in raid on former Indonesian Agriculture Minister’s residence

The Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission found a Rp2 trillion (US$128 million) check during a raid at former Agriculture Minister SYL’s residence amid allegations of extortion, gratification, and money laundering.



INDONESIA: In a recent development, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in Indonesia has acknowledged discovering a check worth Rp2 trillion (US$128 million) during a search at the official residence of former Agriculture Minister, Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL), at the end of September 2023. The revelation came to light after it was reported by a local media outlet.

KPK’s Head of Public Affairs, Ali Fikri, stated, “Yes, we read about it in a magazine, and after we checked and confirmed, we obtained information that indeed there was evidence related to this matter.”

This acknowledgment was made during a press release on Monday (16 Oct).

When questioned about the source and purpose of this substantial check, Ali explained that they would be investigating the origin and authenticity of the Rp2 trillion check by consulting individuals who might have knowledge about the case.

In addition, the KPK will delve into whether the multi-trillion-rupiah check is connected to the ongoing case involving allegations of extortion, gratification, and money laundering that SYL is currently facing.

Syahrul Yasin Limpo is detained in a case involving allegations of extortion in office, accepting gratuities, and money laundering (TPPU) within the Ministry of Agriculture. (Photo:

Ali Fikri emphasized, “However, we need confirmation and clarification from various parties, including witnesses, suspects, and other relevant parties, to ensure the validity of the check-in question, including whether it has a direct connection to the core case that the KPK is currently resolving.”

The discovery of the check was made when the KPK team conducted a search at SYL’s official residence in the Widya Chandra Complex, South Jakarta, from September 28-29, 2023.

Initially, during the search, the KPK had only reported securing foreign currencies, including US dollars and Singapore dollars with a total value of Rp30 billion, as well as 12 firearms. There was no mention of the check at that time.

However, after SYL’s detention on Thursday (12 Oct), reports of the check’s discovery surfaced. During the search, investigators found a Bank Central Asia (BCA) check worth Rp2 trillion, issued in the name of Abdul Karim Daeng Tompo on 28 August 2018.

In response to these developments, SYL’s legal team stated that they were unaware of the evidence found by the KPK. Ervin Lubis, a member of SYL’s defense counsel, said, “We do not know about it yet.”

Lubis mentioned that when accompanying SYL during his questioning on Friday (13 Oct), the KPK investigators had not discussed the discovery of the Rp2 trillion check. He refrained from speculating on the ownership of this substantial check and suggested directing inquiries to the investigators.

Syahrul Yasin Limpo has recently been declared a corruption suspect within the Ministry of Agriculture, facing charges that include extortion, gratification, and money laundering. This latest revelation of a massive check adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation into his alleged wrongdoings.

The KPK’s ongoing efforts to ascertain the authenticity and connection of the check to the existing case are expected to provide further clarity regarding the developments in this high-profile corruption case.

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