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WorkWell Leaders initiate nationwide movement amidst World Mental Health Month, urging CEOs to publicly pledge for workplace wellbeing

In alignment with World Mental Health Month, Singapore’s non-profit WorkWell Leaders initiates the Leadership Pledge Campaign, urging CEOs to publicly commit to employee mental well-being.

“We are what we say and do,” states founder Anthea Ong, advocating that leadership transcends vocal affirmations, embodying genuine, actionable commitments towards constructing mentally resilient workplaces.

The initiative synergizes with alarming Ipsos survey results, revealing prevalent stress among Singaporeans, thus underscoring the imperative of organizational mental health prioritization.



SINGAPORE: As World Mental Health Month unfolds this October, various initiatives and programs to raise awareness about mental health have permeated organizations across Singapore.

Amidst these significant undertakings, a non-profit collective, WorkWell Leaders, is steering a potent drive that underscores the role of top-tier leadership in fortifying mental wellness within the workplace.

The Leadership Pledge Campaign, inaugurated by WorkWell Leaders, is a nationwide movement that keenly invites CEOs and organizational leaders to step into the limelight, publicly pledging their commitment to prioritize and actively engage in actions that amplify mental wellbeing in their respective workplaces.

Anthea Ong, a former Nominated Member of Parliament and the founder of WorkWell Leaders, articulates the ethos behind the campaign: “We are not what we say we are as leaders, we are what we say and do. Making this public pledge is showing up with courage and commitment to all our stakeholders that firmly communicate our leadership promise for actions to build mentally healthy workplaces for thriving employees and businesses.”

Indeed, the campaign goes beyond symbolic affirmations. WorkWell Leaders, through the hashtag #LeadTogetherForMH, is catalyzing a transformative act of leadership where commitment to mental health is not merely proclaimed but enacted and threaded into the organizational culture.

The movement nudges leaders to navigate mental health as a critical facet of corporate strategy, transcending its common delegation to Human Resources alone.

CEOs and leaders are propelled to voice their commitment by drafting a LinkedIn post or through a QR code provided in the campaign’s visual, uploading a selfie, and making the pledge: “As a leader at [Your Company Name], I commit to taking actions to meet the evolving mental wellbeing needs of my employees #LeadTogetherForMH”.

By doing so, they not only make a public assurance but also join a vibrant community of change-makers, collectively advocating that wellbeing in the workplace is a shared and resonant responsibility through all levels of an organisation.

WorkWell Leaders, established in May 2018, has consistently emerged as a forerunner in championing workplace mental health and wellbeing, positioning it not merely as an HR obligation but as a strategic imperative and a pivotal point on board agendas. This registered charity uniquely congregates CEOs and leaders from varied industries, unified in their focus towards moulding workplaces that enkindle mental wellness and holistic health.

As this momentous campaign aligns with World Mental Health Month, the concerted efforts of WorkWell Leaders are set to interlace with global initiatives seeking to bring mental health into the broader light. October 10th, observed as World Mental Health Day, anchors this annual campaign founded by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) in 1992, which continues to diligently work towards enhancing global mental health awareness.

WorkWell Leaders envisions that through the Leadership Pledge Campaign, a tapestry of commitments from leaders across the nation will not only spotlight mental wellbeing during this pivotal month but also embed it steadfastly into organisational structures and cultures, ensuring its perpetuity in shaping thriving workplaces.

survey by Ipsos, a research and analytics firm, unveils deeply concerning statistics regarding the mental well-being of Singaporeans in its Ipsos World Mental Health Day 2023 Report published on 9 October.

The survey was done across 31 countries to explore changes in how people felt about their own mental health and the factors affecting their mental well-being.

More than half of the respondents reported experiencing stress in the past year, which significantly impacted their daily lives.

The survey, conducted online over two weeks with approximately 1,000 Singaporeans aged 21 to 74, highlights the acute mental health challenges faced by the nation.

It found that nearly two in five people had to take time off work due to stress in the past year, and these cases weren’t isolated incidents.

Mental health emerged as a predominant concern for Singaporeans, with close to half of respondents regarding it as one of the country’s most significant health issues (46%) even ahead of cancer (38%) in 2023.

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