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Malaysian student makes waves in Malaysia Book of Records with underwater essay writing achievement

Ahmad Fudhail Ahmad Kenedi, a 20-year-old student from Mara Poly-Tech College, earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records by composing a 350-word essay underwater at the Kedah State Aquatic Center, showcasing remarkable endurance and focus.



MALAYSIA: A student from Mara Poly-Tech College (KPTM) Alor Setar, has carved his name into history for composing an essay while submerged in a five-meter-deep water pool at the Kedah State Aquatic Center on Thursday (12 Oct).

Ahmad Fudhail Ahmad Kenedi, a 20-year-old Office Management Diploma student, has earned a coveted spot in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) for writing an essay titled ‘The Importance of Personality Development to Graduates,’ spanning 350 words, using a waterproof book and a pen in a remarkable one hour and thirty-four minutes.


The significance of this achievement was not lost on Ahmad Fudhail, who embarked on this daring venture as a testament to his passion for diving and a means to inspire young individuals to pursue their dreams.

Originally conceived as an attempt in the open sea, the project was reconfigured for safety reasons, given the unpredictable weather conditions, leading them to choose the controlled environment of a pool.

For the initial 20 to 30 minutes, Ahmad Fudhail navigated the underwater environment without trouble, but the challenges escalated as he forged into the third paragraph of his essay.

The turbulent waters posed difficulties for his writing, yet with determination and perseverance, he conquered the task and fulfilled the college’s promise of attaining the MBOR certificate.

The MBOR recognition is just the beginning of a promising journey

Ahmad Fudhail envisions expanding his horizons and setting even more impressive records, possibly on an international stage in the near future.

The next target could involve a daring three-day consecutive underwater diving challenge with varying specialized tasks.

The specifics of this ambitious endeavor are still under consideration, but they are undaunted by the prospect.

Jamilatul Husna Ramli, the Management Lecturer at KPTM Alor Setar and the project’s director, commended Ahmad Fudhail’s self-initiative and drive.

She highlighted that the choice of essay title was perfectly aligned with the college’s curriculum, and their unflinching support for student aspirations made this achievement possible.

Director Mudzir Mohamad of KPTM Alor Setar also congratulated Ahmad Fudhail, recognizing this accomplishment as a testament to the paramount importance of determination in attaining success in any chosen field.

The college remains steadfast in supporting and encouraging its students to stretch their limits and showcase their abilities, fostering a culture of achievement and ambition.

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