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Viral video of Malaysia’s KL Sentral water deluge sparks social media frenzy

Shared on October 10th by user @anaszack on the X site, a video depicted water flooding into KL Sentral redONE, connected to Muzium Negara MRT station due to a leaking roof, sparking viral criticism from netizens.



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MALAYSIA: On Tuesday (10 Oct), a video shared by the user @anaszack on X (formerly Twitter) depicted a rather unexpected scene.

The footage showcased an alarming sight: water cascading into the KL Sentral redONE, intricately linked to the Muzium Negara MRT station.

The source of this inundation was suspected to be a result of a compromised roof during an intense rainstorm.

The damage was situated beneath the station’s escalator area, and passersby were observed gingerly navigating around the unwelcome aquatic presence, taking care to avoid any unwanted splashes.

This captivating post swiftly achieved viral status, gathering an impressive count of 225,000 views, accompanied by a plethora of sardonic remarks.

Netizens reactions and concerns in the wake of KL Sentral’s leaky roof incident

Anas injected humour into the caption, playfully proposing, “It seems KL Sentral is vying with Changi Airport.”

However, beneath the joking façade, some netizens were genuinely irked by the incident.

Certain individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of disrepair at the train station, especially considering the high fares imposed on commuters.

KL sentral fare

A user expressed concern about the future state of KL Sentral, given that it had already experienced a leak in just six years, pondering what the station’s condition might be in the next fifteen years.


One user emphasized the critical role of KL Sentral as a fundamental component of the Kajang Line MRT, completed just six years ago, suggesting that the deteriorating state of facilities was an affront to its significance.


A user proposed the implementation of a standardized operational procedure for Rapid KL staff, involving regular patrols at each station every 30 minutes.


Rapid KL’s response to the incident and subsequent actions

In response to the viral video, Rapid KL, the public transport service, promptly acknowledged the footage circulating on social media.

They have since been in contact with the user who shared the post, and the details of the incident will be relayed to the operations management for further action.

As per Rapid KL’s response on Wednesday (11 Oct), through account X, the operation promptly initiated action by cleaning the affected area and installing barriers to minimize disruption for users.

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