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Singaporean Grab driver suspended after racist remarks directed at late passenger

A viral TikTok video exposes a private hire vehicle driver’s shocking racist tirade against his Indian passenger, leading to Grab suspending the driver for discriminatory behavior.



SINGAPORE: Recently, a TikTok video showcasing a regrettable incident involving a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver and his Indian passenger has gone viral.

In the video, the Grab driver can be seen unleashing a racist tirade upon the passenger, who was running behind schedule, attracting significant attention online.

The video clip captures the driver, in a fit of anger, verbally berating the passenger, labelling him as a “rubbish Indian” while also hurling other offensive comments.

The driver also vehemently insisted that the passenger leave his vehicle.

The TikTok video documents the PHV driver’s agitated confrontation with the passenger who was recording the incident.

He said, “Such a rubbish Indian that [I] have to wait so long! Then you tell me what route to take.”

In response, the passenger explained that his tardiness resulted in additional charges, ensuring that the driver would be compensated for the delay.

However, the duration of the wait remains unclear as it was not stated in the video.

The passenger, perplexed by the driver’s racist behavior, questioned him, asking why he was bringing race into the conversation.

The driver adamantly denied being racist, asserting, “I’m not being racial, this is a fact.” The passenger pressed further, inquiring if the driver believed that Indians were inherently late.

In response, the driver stated, “From what I know, it is” and promptly asked the passenger to leave the vehicle.

At a certain juncture, the driver informed the passenger that he could file a complaint with Grab, but he insinuated that it would have minimal consequences since he only worked one day per week.

Moreover, he stated that he possesses the choice to operate on various alternative applications.

In response to a calm request by the passenger to exhibit proper behavior, the driver countered by stating that he reserved his good conduct for individuals he deemed as “good.”

Expressing his disappointment, the passenger lamented, “This is very disappointing.”

The driver shot back, “Disappointing to have you in here,” before pulling over and insisting the passenger leave his car.

Grab responds to the incident

In response to this incident, Grab took swift action by suspending the driver due to his discriminatory behaviour.

A spokesperson from Grab emphasized the company’s strong stance against discriminatory behaviour and language, as reported by MS News.

“Our driver-partners are expected to treat passengers fairly and not discriminate against them in any way,” the spokesperson added.

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Takes 2 hands to clap. There are always 2 sides to a coin.
Rightfully the pax is rude and disrespectful whatever reasons, the fact the pax is late if accurate info as per reported. Others are earning a living.