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Flash Coffee ceases operations in Singapore, refutes employees strike allegations

Singapore’s Flash Coffee has shuttered its 11 local stores, freeing baristas from duty, to “focus on other markets”.

News circulated following a TikTok video and Google Maps images revealing a “On Strike” sign at their Jurong Point branch, citing delayed salary payments as the reason.



SINGAPORE: Flash Coffee, a Singapore-based coffee chain, has closed its operations in Singapore to prioritize other markets, the company informed CNA on Friday (Oct 13) in response to inquiries regarding its local business.

The chain previously operated 11 outlets in Singapore, including one at Jurong Point, where a notice on Thursday suggested that employees were protesting delayed salary payments.

The company clarified that the staff in Singapore were “not on strike”, contrary to initial reports.

“Contrary to reports, our staff in Singapore are not on ‘strike’,” the company said.

“We ceased operations at our 11 stores and consequently, our baristas are not required to report to work.”

In a statement, Flash Coffee revealed that the decision to discontinue its Singapore operations was part of a strategic shift to enhance profitability and sustainability by concentrating on more promising markets.

The company asserted its commitment to support affected team members proactively, noting that most of its Singapore head office staff had been offered positions in other markets or within the regional team.

“Additionally, we are actively trying to connect our baristas with opportunities in other coffee chains,” the company said.

Viral TikTok video and Google Maps images stoke public interest in Flash Coffee’s Singapore shutdown

Reports surrounding the closures gained traction on Thursday, prompted by a circulating TikTok video and Google Maps images displaying a notice at Jurong Point.

Furthermore, a screenshot from the video revealed that all Flash Coffee branches on Google Maps were also closed.


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According to recent observations, the Jurong Point outlet is presently marked as “Temporarily closed.”

A photograph uploaded to Google Maps on the evening of Thursday (12 Oct) corroborates the closure of the Jurong Point outlet, with a prominently displayed sign bearing the title “On Strike.”

The sign explicitly referenced the closure being a result of “several late salary payouts.”

“Your Flash baristas islandwide deserve a conducive work environment. We thank you for these memories. Till next time, goodbye.””

Established in 2020, Flash Coffee, recognized for its iconic yellow storefront, also operates in various Asian markets, including Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. By 2021, it had expanded to nearly 30 outlets in Singapore.

The closure in Singapore was part of a total of 200 global stores.

According to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) portal, Flash Coffee’s status was listed as “in liquidation – creditors’ voluntary winding up”.

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