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Viral video shows altercation between Chinese woman and police officer over hospital incident

In a viral video, a Chinese woman is seen in a heated argument with a female police officer. The officer questions the woman about her alleged use of vulgar language towards a hospital nurse who supposedly denied her treatment due to non-citizenship.

The woman demands the officer reveal her identity before providing a statement. The police investigation into this matter is ongoing.



SINGAPORE: A viral video is circulating online, depicting a Chinese woman who claims to have waited for three hours at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after being involved in a car accident.

In the video uploaded to Chinese social media Douyin, the woman confronts a female police officer and records their encounter.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (10 Oct). The female officer was questioning the woman about whether she had used vulgar language towards one of the hospital’s nurses.

In response, the woman, who was recording the video, alleged mistreatment and involvement in a traffic accident.

She claimed that a nurse told her she couldn’t receive medical treatment at the hospital because she wasn’t a Singapore citizen.

The woman declined to respond to the police officer’s questions and insisted that the officer reveal her identity first

The woman further alleged that she waited for three hours without receiving medical attention.

When the police officers requested to record her statement, the woman refused to provide a clear answer.

Instead, she asked the police officer to question the nurse and insisted on going to the police station.

The woman also refused to give a statement to the police officer, insisting that the female IO (Investigation Officer) should reveal her identity.

At one point, she attempted to reach for the officer’s ID card while continuing to record the incident.

Her actions promptly elicited a stern warning from the officer.

The woman questioned the officer, saying, “What’s wrong with you? You’re from the police, and your identity is completely transparent and correct. Why can’t you show your identity to everyone? Let everyone see your identity.”

The officer replied, “I don’t need to reveal my identity. I’m asking you whether you used profanity against the nurse.”

However, the woman continued to refuse to answer the question. Still, the police officer noted that other police officers were present, and they knew her identity.

The woman then insisted on going to the police station and asked the police officers to check the CCTV surveillance footage themselves.

She claimed that the nurse had pointed at her and cursed at her,”Can’t I point at him and curse back at him? Check the surveillance footage to see the truth.”

In another video on Douyin, the female police officer once again explained that they were there to record a statement from the woman regarding whether she had used profanities against the nurse.

The police informed her that once she was discharged, she could go to the police station to file a report regarding her traffic accident. The Traffic Investigation Unit would look into the matter.

However, the woman insisted on going to the police station immediately. The police officer then asked if the woman was refusing to provide a statement about the incident with the nurse.

The woman confirmed her refusal to provide a statement and requested to go to the police station.

In the video, the woman recounted the details of the traffic accident, expressing her frustration with the driver who had hit her.

The woman claimed that she was upset by the driver in the accident for not assisting her for 20 minutes, she asked the driver to either help her up, give her $5,000, or take her to the hospital. The driver agreed to take her to the hospital.

“When we arrived at the hospital, he kept looking for various people, and I don’t know who he was searching for. I waited for three or four hours and had an issue with my foot,” she told the officer in the video.

In a follow-up post on Tuesday evening, the woman mentioned that she had undergone an X-ray examination and was provided with some medication.

She also disclosed that she is a long-term pass holder.

The woman claimed that the driver who hit me fled the scene, unwilling to face the issue or take responsibility.

She emphasized her insistence on having the officers identify themselves because she wanted to prevent the driver from providing “unfavorable evidence” that might diminish the impact of the car accident on the driver.

“These two individuals with unclear identities were brought by the driver himself. Therefore, throughout the video, they were continuously requested to show their identification documents.”

“This was to avoid being coerced into providing misleading evidence that could potentially work against the victim and mitigate the impact of the accident on the driver. In my personal opinion, the driver was attempting to reverse the cause and effect, minimizing the impact of the accident on the victim,” the woman claimed.

In the early hours of Wednesday (October 11), she shared that her leg was “fine” and requested that netizens cease debating the issue.

SGH: The woman refused to wear mask and verbally abuse a medical staff

As reported by Chinese media Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has issued a response to this incident.

Assoc Prof Dr Kenneth Tan, Head and Senior Consultant at the Emergency Medicine Department of SGH, clarified that on Tuesday, the medical staff noticed that the woman was not wearing a mask and handed one to her, reminding her of the Ministry of Health’s requirement to wear a mask in hospitals.

However, the woman not only refused to wear the mask but also allegedly began verbally abusing the medical staff.

Despite efforts from both medical and security personnel to calm her down, she did not heed their advice, ultimately prompting the police to intervene.

Dr Tan stressed that it is mandatory to wear masks within the hospital to protect both patients and medical staff. This requirement is especially crucial in the Emergency Department, which often has many patients, including vulnerable individuals.

He said the woman’s behaviour necessitated the deployment of additional personnel to handle the situation, disrupting the hospital’s operations and impeding other patients in the Emergency Department who were waiting for medical care.

Dr Tan added that approximately two hours after the woman arrived at the Emergency Department, she was thoroughly examined by medical staff and subsequently discharged to return home.

Dr Tan emphasized that every individual seeking care at the Emergency Department will receive the necessary treatment.

He stressed that The hospital has a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of physical or verbal harassment.

“We treat all patients with empathy and provide individualized care, but we will not hesitate to take appropriate action against such behaviour. Medical staff deserve a safe and respectful working environment.”

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the police investigation into this matter is ongoing.


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In this case, the female police officer has been extracting confessions from the woman involved. Everyone has the right to protect their own human rights. The police officer’s attitude is that you are a prisoner and I am interrogating you now. It’s terrible. Singapore’s laws It’s a pity that this woman had a previous dispute with a security guard and was labeled by the public. According to reports, the trial gave two options: plead guilty and apologize, or face six charges. If faced with a similar situation, which one would you choose? From an objective point of view, the woman… Read more »

If I am the io, in the very first moment I have to display my police id to let the other party knows who am I.

If this prc woman (other news reported she is young and beautiful) still continue her nonsense, then I have to invite China FM wang yi to come Singapore for the second time to help clear his home rubbish. 🤣

I tell you, if he comes second time, most rich chinamen here maybe will run away. 😂

Kudos to the lady. Xi Ping has taught them well. She knows her rights and refused to be intimidated by the police or her circumstances. The police officer must identify herself. Why refuse? The PRC lady has already said she will go down to the police station to give her statement, that should have ended the conversation. Pressuring her constitutes harassment and infringes her rights. Her only mistake is she refused to wear a mask. A 2 hour wait in any hospital is unacceptable and reflects on poor State policy planning by the PAP govt. Singaporeans have much to learn… Read more »

I disagree. If you allow foreigners to live and work here, you must have the infrastructure to support the increase. Her only mistake is she did not wear a mask. There is no excuse for a 2 hour wait in a First World State.

I dunno why SG police need to be asked to show ID. Isn’t it the first and foremost thing to do?!? As public servant and point of reference, she should show her ID without being asked.

Should medical service be withheld even if the patient cry vulgarities?!?

I see stg positive. It’s good our polices are exposed to this. It helps them to sharpen their debates, their interrogation, their overall wisdom. Where can they find sheeps, docile, timid, in SG to lend them real life sparring sessions bcz POFMA laws for eg give them a sheen of shield.