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Female Singaporean falls to her death at Yishun housing estate

An alleged Filipino domestic worker tragically fell to her death at Yishun housing estate, sparking widespread sorrow and raising urgent concerns about the wellbeing of domestic workers in Singapore amidst recent similar incidents.



This article (dated 12 October 2023) contains a false statement of fact. For the correct facts, click here:

UPDATE: The Ministry of Manpower has clarified that the woman mentioned in this report is a Singaporean and not a domestic worker.

Clarification: Singapore Eye, based on information from its sources, previously identified the individual involved as a purported migrant domestic worker. The post was subsequently deleted, with no clarification or correction provided. The MOM’s clarification was published before the POFMA direction was issued on Monday after it was made known to Gutzy.

In a heart-wrenching incident around 7:10 am on 12 October, a woman is believed to have fallen to her death in the Yishun housing estate.

Although her identity is currently under investigation, initial reports suggest that the deceased was a domestic worker from the Philippines.

Images and videos circulated online depict the individual naked, precariously perched on the parapet of the flat and leaning against a clothes rack.

According to local media reports, the individual purportedly jumped upon spotting the arrival of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Regrettably, this incident comes on the heels of another similarly tragic event that took place just two weeks prior.

On 29 September, a 29-year-old female domestic worker was found dead outside the kitchen window of a third-floor unit at Block 104, Bukit Batok Central. The incident was promptly reported at approximately 6:20 am.

A troubling video circulated on various social media platforms reveals SCDF personnel on-site, diligently attempting to retrieve the body.

According to the official statement released by SCDF, upon arrival, they discovered a person hanging outside the kitchen window.

The individual was secured with safety ropes and carefully lowered to the second floor, where she was subsequently pronounced dead by an SCDF paramedic.

Gutzy’s sources identified her as an Indonesian domestic worker. The case, currently classified as an unnatural death, is still under investigation.

Although preliminary findings suggest no foul play, police officials are stressing that investigations continue to be underway.

Adding to the melancholy of the event, another domestic worker has come forward claiming that the deceased was denied leave, and her personal items, including her mobile phone, were allegedly held by her employer, restricting her from maintaining contact with her family.

Authorities have yet to provide further updates or insights into these incidents.

These back-to-back tragedies have refocused attention on the crucial conversation surrounding the mental, emotional, and physical welfare of domestic workers residing in Singapore, sparking calls for greater oversight and reforms to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

If you or someone you know is grappling with suicidal thoughts, assistance and support are accessible.

Samaritans of Singapore Hotline: 1767

Institute of Mental Health’s Helpline: 6389 2222

Singapore Association for Mental Health Helpline: 1800 283 7019

You can discover a directory of global helplines on this page.

In case someone you are aware of is facing an imminent threat, please dial 24-hour emergency services.

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So glad ,

Not a foreign maid .

This is The Lord Incartes, pawang at work. Suiciding Everyone even cars in & around Yishun.

Employers must realise that by taking care of these domestic workers and providing a decent environment for the domestic workers to work is also to their (employer’s) benefit. What can happen is when a domestic worker is pushed to her mental and emotional limit and simply snaps, she (domestic worker) may cause harm to children or the elderly in the house. In this instance, the domestic worker simply commits suicide Yes, scold and correct the domestic worker when mistakes happen but do not push too hard. We sometimes forget the domestic worker has left home to earn a living and… Read more »

If this was suicide, then there need to be a thorough investigation into why this occurred. After all, they are human too.

Wrong to say MOM is responsible?

What effective measures are in place to save lives like this tt end tragically – any similar measures tt saves lives by hanging drug offenders?

Who is the employer?

Confiscation of personal items, denied leave – are these NOT CONSIDERED as ACTS of Foul Play?