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14-year-old Singapore Sports School student, feeling unwell after fitness trial, passes away in hospital

A 14-year-old student from the Singapore Sports School’s badminton academy tragically passed away on Wednesday.

On 5 October, he had experienced health issues following a 400m fitness time trial, prompting an emergency call to the Singapore Civil Defence Force at 6:50 p.m. The boy was rushed to the National University Hospital for medical care.



SINGAPORE: A 14-year-old student from the Singapore Sports School’s badminton academy, identified as Pranav Madhaik, tragically passed away on Wednesday (11 Oct).

The school has officially confirmed this heartbreaking news, as reported by CNA.

Pranav, a secondary 2 student, had participated in a 400m fitness time trial on October 5th, after which he started feeling unwell.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received an emergency call from the Singapore Sports School at approximately 6:50 p.m. on that day.

They immediately transported Pranav to the National University Hospital for medical attention.

Regrettably, Pranav did not survive and passed away on Wednesday.

The school has expressed its deep sorrow over Pranav’s untimely demise and extended heartfelt condolences to his family.

Pranav was not only an accomplished badminton athlete but also an exceptional student who was admired for his character and dedication.

“He was cheerful and pleasant, and always maintained a positive attitude towards his training and studies, ” the school told the local media.

“He was a promising youth athlete and has won several national age-group competitions. He was also well-liked by his peers, teachers and coaches.”

The school has vowed to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, with a commitment to reviewing and enhancing safety protocols. Parents will be kept informed of the progress of these efforts.

“Our school counsellors and staff have also been rendering support to affected student-athletes, coaches, and staff during this difficult period,” the school added that its top priority is the continued well-being of its students.

As the investigation is ongoing, the Singapore Sports School said they are unable to share further details about the incident at this time.

Outpouring of grief and support

On Wednesday, the school updated its Facebook page with an all-black cover photo and a black-and-white school logo.

Many followers and fellow schoolmates have expressed their grief and offered their deepest condolences to Pranav on the school’s page.

Uncle reveals “most organs not functioning” by the time the doctor attended the boy

Pranav’s uncle, Mr Raj Verma, shared more details with CNA on Wednesday, revealing that the boy’s parents were notified of the incident while Pranav was en route to the hospital.

Mr Verma expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “By the time the … doctor attended (to him), most of his organs were already not functioning.”

The teenager underwent a bypass surgery and also had another operation on his leg, as explained by his uncle.

However, the efforts to save him were in vain, and, as Mr Verma stated, “And (this) morning they said ‘Okay, he’s no more’.”

In light of this tragedy, the family is seeking answers from the school regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

SSP’s rich track record of producing champions

The Singapore Sports School has consistently attracted student-athletes in Singapore since its inception in 2004.

Diverging from the conventional educational approach, SSP customizes its academic curriculum to accommodate a student’s sports training and competition commitments.

Notably, SSP has a rich track record of producing champions, such as sprinter Shanti Pereira, who clinched the gold medal in the women’s 200m at the recent Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Additionally, former badminton world champion Loh Kean Yew is a testament to the success of SSP’s badminton academy, often returning to the school for engaging sessions with its students.

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One look at this student would indicate that he does not qualify to be in what ‘Sport School’ but instead should be enrolled into ‘Nerd School’ instead!
Whoever made the decision to allowed this student in, is definitely now taking cover and pushing away all blame!😆😆😆😆😆

Hope the trainers did not do the trials outside. The heat and the haze may have caused the collapse. Condolences to the family. Gone too soon.💐

Bypass surgery? Doesn’t sound like a usual case of heatstroke. Could it be Coronavirus vaccine related?

Yes, you might think that I am “conspiracy theorist” to bring this up. But the fact is that the vaccine did use experimental technology and lacked the usual long clinical trials. I only took the mandatory vaccine and first booster.

How many did this child receive before his untimely demise?

Below should not be unfamiliar, folks.
The usual monotone, template, political watchers can safely assume:
Measures are in place,
schools are trained,
no risks to be taken when students are not well.

Each student are always warned, and adv to withdraw from exercise if they don’t feel well enough.

What sort of considerations take place to save student’s lives, any? (I have in mind the nobility of the utterances tt hanging one live saves another).