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Motorcyclist in Malaysia kicks car, leading to dramatic road accident

A viral dash cam video captured a karma moment for a motorcyclist on a Malaysian road.

As a vehicle signaled a lane change and kindly yielded to the motorcyclist, an unexpected twist occurred when the motorcyclist forcefully kicked the car’s side mirror, leading to an unceremonious spill on the asphalt.




MALAYSIA: On our daily commutes along busy streets, we regularly observe a wide range of behaviours from both car drivers and motorcyclists.

Notably, a recent incident brought attention to the occasionally unpredictable actions of a motorcyclist in relation to a car driver.

In this specific occurrence, captured in a video shared on the @ohtweet X page on Tuesday, a Toyota Vios driver in the left lane decided to switch to the middle lane.

Evidently, this driver initially indicated his intention to proceed into the right lane and courteously yielded passage to a motorcyclist who was navigating the same lane.

However, an unexpected twist transpired when the motorcyclist impulsively administered a forceful kick to the side of the white Vios, resulting in the unfortunate detachment of the car’s side mirror.

Subsequently, the motorcyclist was unbalanced and found himself unceremoniously sprawled on the asphalt.

Netizens disagree with motorcyclist’s reckless act

The incident, which has been viewed over 2.4 million times, quickly gained widespread attention after being widely shared on X.

The general sentiment among netizens was one of disappointment, with many expressing their disapproval of the motorcyclist’s behaviour.

motorcyclist comment


Most netizens found solace in the fact that the motorcyclist faced repercussions for their actions.



Some even found the motorcyclist’s impatience perplexing, especially considering that the car had signalled its intent to change lanes and had made way for the motorcyclist to pass through.

In their view, such an aggressive response was unwarranted, as it seemed the driver was trying to ensure the motorcyclist’s safe passage on the road.

motorcyclist comment

In this incident, we witness the complex dynamics of interactions between road users, reminding us of the importance of patience and civility on the highways.

The video serves as a stark illustration of the consequences that can arise from impulsive actions behind the wheel, underscoring the significance of responsible and considerate driving.

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He must feel like a right donkey now.