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Indonesian junior high school student tragically falls from 4th floor, prompting investigation

A junior high school student, initial D, tragically fell from the 4th floor behind his West Jakarta school during a break. Despite prompt assistance, the student did not survive, prompting an ongoing investigation into the incident’s circumstances.




WEST JAKARTA, INDONESIA: In a tragic incident that unfolded on Monday (9 Oct) in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, a final-year junior high school student, identified only by the initials D, was discovered dead after falling from the fourth floor behind his school.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:00 am local time during a school break.

According to reports from, a resident named Mandra Andika, aged 38, recounted hearing the victim’s fall.

Rushing to the scene, he found the young male student lying in a pool of blood in front of his residence. Mandra described the loud sound of the fall that prompted their attention.

“The victim has fallen, he can’t do anything. There’s no movement anymore,” Mandra stated.

He noticed that blood was flowing from the victim’s head and promptly contacted the school for assistance. School personnel arrived promptly, and an ambulance was quickly dispatched to provide aid.

The victim received support from both residents and the school before being transported to the hospital.

Mandra explained that the road was quiet at the time, and the victim’s condition did not allow for any vocal expression of pain.

Another nearby resident, Gilbert, told ANTARA that at approximately 10:00 am, he also heard the sound of a fall from a considerable height. The sudden incident had caught everyone off guard.

Gilbert mentioned that when they found the victim, his head was bleeding on the left side.

“It’s all blood. On the left side of the head,” he reported.

Fortunately, the victim was still alive when discovered and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The Head of the Cengkareng Sector Police, Police Commissioner Hasoloan Situmorang, informed the public that an investigation was underway involving three individuals.

Among those to be questioned were the victim’s teachers and classmates. Hasoloan also expressed plans to review the school’s CCTV camera footage.

While the possibility of suicide was raised, Hasoloan emphasized that it was too early to confirm, as the police were still actively gathering information.

He noted that when the victim arrived at the hospital, he had already passed away.

At present, the police have refrained from reaching out to the family due to their grieving state, but the investigation into this tragic incident continues.

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dat name…. DEJA VU?!? early in morning and on holiday. probably not murder. timing would be bad. might be suicide or drug abuse.