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Chinese woman suffers severe injuries after being attacked by Chow Chow while petting

A Chinese woman’s painful lesson underscores the importance of caution when encountering unfamiliar pet dogs, no matter how cute they seem.

A Chow Chow bite left her with severe facial injuries after she and her daughter attempted to pet the dog, triggering an unexpected and aggressive response.



CHINA: A Chinese woman learned her hard lesson about not approaching unfamiliar pet dogs on the street, even if they appear adorable.

She experienced a severe facial injury after being bitten by a Chow Chow.

This incident, as reported by the Chinese news outlet “Sina News,” took place on 6 October in Yancheng, a city in Jiangsu Province, China.

The unfortunate incident unfolded as the woman and her daughter were strolling through a street in Binhai County, where they encountered an adorable Chow Chow by the roadside.

Surveillance footage revealed that the mother and daughter crouched down in front of the dog, reaching out to pet its face.

However, the dog reacted with agitation, abruptly knocking the woman to the ground and launching an attack.

Subsequently, the dog continued to bite the woman’s face, causing severe injuries. Thankfully, her daughter managed to escape unharmed.

Witnessing the distressing scene, nearby shop owners rushed to their aid, with one brave individual successfully kicking the dog away.

Nevertheless, the woman’s face had sustained significant injuries, resulting in profuse bleeding and agonizing cries of pain.

The owner of the dog later clarified that their pet typically had a good temperament and suggested that the woman’s actions had provoked the aggressive response.

He pledged to provide compensation for the incident, acknowledging his responsibility.

The dog owner explained, “The dog’s temperament is usually very good. It seems like it was provoked. The victim is still receiving treatment, and I will personally compensate her for the incident.”

Caution around unfamiliar dogs

Chinese netizens commented on the incident, with some criticizing the woman for approaching a stranger’s dog and provoking it.

They advised against teasing or approaching unfamiliar dogs, emphasizing that it’s essential to be cautious around dogs that aren’t one’s own.

A netizen commented: “It’s really best to seek the owner’s permission before touching a stranger’s dog. ”

“When I walk my dog and someone wants to pet it, I always reassure my dog in advance by wrapping my arm around its neck. However, my dog is afraid of picking up random things when we’re outside, so I always use a muzzle.”

Another netizen speculated that the woman who was holding an umbrella and approaching the Chow Chow may have made the dog feel threatened.

“She was holding an umbrella and crouching down, which made the dog feel threatened.”

“Many people approach dogs with good intentions, but they often lack caution. There are many factors that can suddenly trigger a dog’s aggressive behavior.”

A comment wrote: “As a dog owner, even though I always leash my dog when going out and know that my dog doesn’t bite, I still don’t like it when others casually touch my dog without asking for permission.”

“It’s because you never know – better safe than sorry. If someone gets hurt, it’s unclear who would be held responsible.”

Another comment shared the same sentiment: “So, it’s better not to touch unfamiliar dogs easily. Otherwise, it can result in losses for both parties.”

Temperament of the Chow Chow breed

According to online sources, the Chinese dog breed, despite their teddy bear-like appearance, may not be as cuddly as you’d expect.

Originating in Northern China, Chow Chows were originally bred for hunting and guarding duties.

Perrobook, a source on dog breeds, highlights that this breed typically exhibits reserved and independent behaviour, often displaying aloofness toward both other pets and strangers.

They can also demonstrate aggressiveness towards other dogs.

However, when it comes to protecting their family, Chow Chows are known for their fearlessness. Proper training is essential to manage their aggression and guarding instincts effectively.

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don’t care. decouple from commie news like sina.

fuck care. lame commie gossip news.

Luckily she didn’t eat the fella.

You are right but do feel sorry for her. She is in shock and pain. My Lhasa Apso also will bite if approached by strangers.