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Indonesian council member’s son charged with girlfriend’s fatal assault in East Java

Following a tragic altercation in East Java, the son of a People’s Representative Council member faces severe accusations of fatally assaulting his girlfriend.




EAST JAVA, INDONESIA: A shocking event came to light when the son of a People’s Representative Council member was accused of fatally assaulting his girlfriend.

The Greater Surabaya City Police identified the alleged offender as GR (31), while the victim was named as DSA (29).

Senior Commissioner Pasma Royce stated that, if convicted, GR could face up to 12 years in prison. This was conveyed during a press briefing at the Surabaya City Police Station on Friday (6 Oct).

It’s worth noting that GR is the son of Edward Tannur, a People’s Representative Council member from the National Awakening Party.

This identification of the suspect followed a thorough investigative process, which included fact-finding, an autopsy, a detailed chronology of the incident, and the acquisition of vital CCTV footage.

Chronological account of DSA’s tragic death

As reported by detiknews, the tragic sequence of events began when DSA and GR were enjoying an evening together in the G-Walk area of Citraland, Surabaya, on Tuesday (3 Oct), around 6:30 pm.

The couple had been in a relationship since May 2023, spanning approximately five months.

Subsequently, they received an invitation from one of GR’s friends to visit the Blackhole KTV karaoke entertainment venue at Lenmarc mall in West Surabaya. There, they engaged in karaoke and consumed alcohol.

The situation took a dark turn when an argument erupted between DSA and GR, leading to physical violence.

GR’s aggression escalated as he kicked DSA, causing her to fall, and then struck her head twice with a liquor bottle.

The altercation continued as they argued even inside an elevator. Upon reaching the basement parking lot of Lenmarc Mall, GR subjected DSA to further abuse.

Tragically, during this altercation, part of DSA’s body was run over by a car driven by GR, who subsequently placed the injured victim in the car’s trunk. He then transported her to the Tanglin Orchard PTC Surabaya Apartment.

At 1:15 am, GR moved DSA from the car’s trunk to a wheelchair, but her condition had significantly deteriorated due to the earlier incident. Despite GR’s efforts to provide assistance, DSA remained unresponsive.

Consequently, DSA was taken to the National Hospital, where she was declared dead at 2:32 am. The incident was reported to the Lakarsantri Sector Police at around 5:00 am.

Following the tragic event, a thorough investigation was conducted by the Surabaya City Police Criminal and Investigation Unit, involving an autopsy, witness interviews, and the examination of CCTV footage.

GR’s potential charge for premeditated murder

Reported by ANTARA, a forensic psychology expert, Reza Indragiri Amriel, suggested that the authorities consider applying Article 338 of the Criminal Code, which pertains to premeditated murder.

He emphasized that the chronological progression of violence exhibited by GR indicated an escalation in his actions and a lack of self-control, potentially leading to the intentional killing of the victim.

Reza’s analysis suggests that GR may have consciously chosen to continue and exacerbate the violence, making it crucial for investigators to examine GR’s level of self-control and patterns of violent behaviour.

To establish whether GR had self-control during the incident, Reza recommended investigating the patterns of violence, the time intervals between violent episodes, and any relevant communications or messages.

Additionally, the alcohol level in GR’s body at the time of the incident should be examined to determine whether it affected his ability to control his thoughts and actions.

As of now, GR faces charges under Article 351 paragraph 3 and/or Article 359 of the Criminal Code relating to fatal abuse, carrying a maximum prison sentence of 12 years.

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