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The Food Bank faces scrutiny over price increase, struggles to meet rising demand

The Food Bank in Singapore faces criticism as a price increase from $2 to $3.50 raised concerns among residents. This rise challenges the organization to balance affordability with sustainability in the face of increasing demand and declining food donations. The organization emphasizes its commitment to supporting those in need.



SINGAPORE: The Food Bank has come under scrutiny after a price increase left some residents disheartened, highlighting the challenges faced by the organization in balancing affordability and sustainability.

Facebook user, Ang Soon Li, expressed his disappointment on social media.

He noted that the prices at The Food Bank had risen from $2 for an average of three items in 2021 to $3.50 in 2022.

“We used to go there to get food items once in a while at just $2 for an average of three items… it helped us quite a lot with our food cost,” Ang Soon Li wrote in a Facebook post to Complaint Singapore in September.

“The prices increased in 2022 to $3.50 but the items were at least still somewhat worth it,” he said.

However, in 2023, Ang Soon Li found the items offered in The Food Bank’s vending machines to be overpriced.

“Now in 2023 when I recently past by, there just a bunch of one item slots that cost $3.50 but the value of the item simply ain’t worth it. Like the oil which a similar oil can be gotten at NTUC for $1.80.”

He compared the cost of vegetable oil provided by the charity to that of NTUC FairPrice, raising concerns about the value for money.

“The food pantry which is supposed to help provide near-expiry food to the less well-off and those who want to help reduce food waste is now just a glorified choose-your-item food ration for beneficiaries only,” he added.

Challenges emerge as The Food Bank adapts to rising demand and price adjustments

Addressing the concern, a spokesperson from The Food Bank told 8world, that the vending machines are “intended for cardholders registered with them via social workers.”

These cardholders are typically people in need, and the pricing of food items depends on their requirements and the support they receive.

Each card receives a monthly top-up equivalent to $50 in points, which used to be sufficient for 25 redemptions at the vending machines.

However, the program’s popularity has led to increased demand, with approximately 2,000 cards distributed.

As a result, The Food Bank has faced a challenge in meeting this demand.

“Every time our volunteers restock the vending machines, food items are quickly redeemed.

“The increase in demand requires more funding and more food donations,” the spokesperson explained.

Food donations, which are essential for the organization’s operations, have declined by over 50% from 1.6 million kilograms in 2020.

Therefore, to keep the program running, The Food Bank increased the points required for item redemption from $2 to $3.50.

It’s worth noting that the $3.50 redemptions are not limited to individual items, as products closer to their expiration dates are bundled together with each purchase.

The Food Bank emphasized their commitment to finding a balance between affordability and sustainability, recognizing that individuals in need may face difficulties with the increased price.

They encourage those in need to register for the program via social workers to receive targeted support more effectively, reaffirming their goal to assist those who are most in need.

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The MOST BESTEST part in Sheegapore Society Living AND Existence is the PUGNACIOUS RELENTLESS PAP Administration sanctioned and ALLOWED price increases THAT NO ONE has the ability AND DARE to check – sheep voters just QUIETLY accept it’s the best for their livelihoods every 5 years.

What stupidity there is even FORIEGNERS of the same quality ARE QUICK to SCRAMBLE to come to live and work in SG – and what – CONTRIBUTE the same.

Goodness. What do KY think, a SG he created to flourish as a foreign solace place away from their country of mess?

The 70 % ?

A bunch of Singapore beggars crying for rice daily, pathetic!

What is going to happen when countries refuse to export food due to global warming ? Every one will be given a ration card? No need to have food banks if living wage is legislated in Parliament.

They can always use vending machine to dispense … Just whether they want anot.

I think they tried that in the past. But some people will come in, take everything and leave nothing behind but dust.

You forget that there are hundreds of thousands of Mainlanders in Singapore. That is their culture now thanks to Communism. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I do understand that they require funds to function as an NGO. But perhaps raise the funds from donors instead of the people you are trying to help? What kind of backwards logic tells you that you should fleece the people that are in NEED. Just a suggestion.

Also, find a new director that does not have their brain wired backwards. But that might be hard to do, since the Singapore education system excels in teaching faulty thinking skills to the people.

so…. it’s a scam to beg for more money from atas donors, by raising all their expired food price? and lol NTUC price compared. cmon lah even NTUC is mid tier now. you can find cheaper at Sheng Siong and those “dollar” shops like ValueDollar/Valu$.