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SBS bus driver’s daily morning greetings spark online admiration

In a heartwarming display of dedication, an SBS Transit driver’s daily routine of warmly greeting passengers in both English and Chinese, despite minimal responses, has garnered admiration and praise on social media, inspiring acts of kindness in return.




SINGAPORE: Recently, a heartwarming video circulated on Facebook featuring an SBS bus driver warmly extending greetings to each passenger in both English and Chinese.

What truly resonated with netizens was the unwavering determination displayed by this dedicated driver, who continued his cheerful greetings even when met with mostly unresponsive passengers.

On Thursday (5 Oct), Facebook user Mr Low posted a video in the “Complaint Singapore” Facebook group, showcasing the bus captain’s remarkable gesture.

Contrary to the group’s name, Mr Low’s post was meant to commend the bus driver.

The driver drives a service number 102 bus, servicing routes through Hougang, Jalan Kayu, Seletar, and Sengkang.

As the bus pulled over at one of the stops, the driver attentively gazed toward the front door, seemingly anticipating the boarding passengers.

When passengers began to board, he greeted each of them with a friendly “good morning” in both English and Chinese, despite having his face concealed by a mask. The driver’s enthusiasm shone through.

Regrettably, Mr Low mentioned that approximately 90% of passengers did not respond to his warm greetings.

According to the accompanying caption, this was not the first encounter between Mr Low and the driver, as he claimed the bus captain performed this act of kindness “every morning.”

Netizens flooded the comments section with heartwarming messages for the bus captain.

One Facebook user, presumably a frequent passenger, mentioned that the driver’s repertoire of greetings extends beyond just English and Chinese. Apparently, he also extends greetings in Malay.

comment driver

Another netizen encouraged Mr Low to write a letter of recommendation for the bus driver, suggesting a nomination for the courtesy award.


One comment echoed the Mr Low narrative, with some individuals sharing their experiences of the bus driver extending greetings, including when he warmly welcomed passengers during evening journeys.

comment driver

Kudos to this exceptional bus driver for going above and beyond to ensure his passengers enjoy a pleasant ride.

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Back in my student days in UK, we used to thank the drivers of the public buses in the city for their service and they responded with a cheery “no problem mate!” or “no problem love” if the customer is a lady! Maybe we can do that with our Singaporean public bus drivers and help make all our lives merrier and a more gracious society!

Most commuters just aren’t the greeting kind, … whence they’re totally immerse on their phones with the ubiquitous headsets/airpods.

Eye contact reserved to tap their card or devices on entry and hence, … the polite and friendly driver’s sentiment/greeting is entirely lost on this lot, … but not forgotten.

Sign of the times and the phone generation !!!