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Malaysian sisters’ viral birthday car-honk prank delights and divides netizens

Three sisters from Seremban took TikTok by storm with a birthday car-honk prank that left viewers both amused and divided. The heartwarming video showcased their sibling bond but ignited a debate about humor and potential stress levels for the eldest sister.




MALAYSIA: Three sisters from Seremban gained widespread attention after creating a captivating TikTok video featuring a birthday car-honk prank for their eldest sibling.

A TikTok user (@izzahanuar52) from Seremban shared a video of her surprising her elder sister on her birthday, which happened to be on Tuesday (3 Oct).

The video swiftly went viral, amassing an impressive 3.7 million views, before it went deleted on TikTok.

In this playful endeavor, both the younger sisters united to affix the sign to the rear of their elder sister’s car, inspiring honks and mirth from fellow road travelers.

The clever prank involved affixing an A4-sized paper bearing the message, “Harini birthday saya. Sila hon untuk wish birthday!” (Today is my birthday, please honk to wish happy birthday), beneath the tail light of a vibrant red Perodua Bezza.

This ingenious move led to a chorus of car horns blaring in celebration from the vehicles trailing behind.

Unaware of the orchestrated prank, the eldest sister drove her vehicle with nonchalance, only growing more perplexed as the honks persisted.

She eventually voiced her bewilderment, saying, “Is it my driving? What did I do wrong? Is there something at the back of my car? What is it? I’m driving as competently as I can! Come on, what’s going on with these folks?!” She expressed her frustration throughout the car journey.

Growing increasingly agitated by the relentless honking, she even lifted her car’s window shade to deliver a withering glare at the persistent honkers.

However, upon reaching their destination, curiosity finally got the better of her, prompting her to exit her car and investigate the source of the commotion.

To her amusement, she discovered that her mischievous sisters had orchestrated this prank to celebrate her birthday.

Rather than taking offense, she responded with laughter and playful scolding, appreciating the cheeky surprise.

It all fell into place in her mind, and she couldn’t help but feel remorseful for the motorists who had incurred her stern gaze.

Netizens were divided in their reactions to the prank video

After it was reposted on X by user @localrkyt, netizens began sharing their opinions in the comments section.

Some found the prank endearing and heartwarming, admiring the strong bond among the three adult siblings. They appreciated the strangers’ participation in wishing the eldest sister a happy birthday.




However, others expressed reservations about the prank. While not outright condemning it, they advised caution to prevent the sister from feeling stressed.

They suggested informing her about the sign beforehand, so she would react with joy and gratitude instead of stress when honked at.

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