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Human skeleton found inside cement-filled drum in Aceh Besar, Indonesia

A human skeleton found inside a cement-filled drum in Aceh Besar, Indonesia has sparked intrigue as investigators work to uncover the mystery behind this chilling discovery.



INDONESIA: Residents of Aceh Besar were left in shock on Sunday (1 Oct), as news broke of the discovery of a human skeleton inside a cement-filled drum.

The drum was found by Muhda Hadi Saputra in Sungai Jurong Iboh, Reukih Daya Village, Indrapuri District, Aceh Besar, Aceh.

Evidence of a human skeleton found by residents in a drum in the Jurong Iboh River, Reukih Dayah Village, Indrapuri District, on Sunday (1 Oct). (Photo: Documentation from Aceh Besar District Police).

Aceh Besar Police Chief, Police Commissioner Adjutant General, Carlie Syahputra Bustamam, provided details about the discovery on Monday (2 Oct).

He explained that at around 6:00 PM local time, the witness had been cleaning the path to the river to collect water for his plants.

When he saw the drum lying by the river. His curiosity got the better of him when he noticed a yellow shirt inside the drum, prompting him to open it. To his shock, he discovered several bones that strongly appeared to be human remains.

“The witness was cleaning the path to the river to get water for his garden. When he saw a drum by the river, curiosity drove him to open it,” said Carlie. “As a result, he found several bones that are strongly suspected to be human remains,” he added.

Surprisingly, the drum containing the human skeleton had been at the location for approximately 12 years, dating back to 2011.

Normally, the drum was used by locals for fishing purposes. Over the years, no one suspected or checked the drum’s contents.

No identification card was found with the victim; only a yellow T-shirt with the number 13 written on it and a pair of trousers were discovered.

(Photo: the documentation of Aceh Besar District Police).

Police Chief Carlie admitted that it was too early to draw any conclusions or make initial assumptions about the discovery. However, investigations will continue to be carried out by his team to uncover the truth behind this finding.

“There are no preliminary suspicions yet; hopefully, someone will recognize the clothing,” he stated.

Aceh Besar Police, in collaboration with a joint team from the Directorate of General Crime DVI Field of Medicine and Health of the Aceh Regional Police (Biddokkes Polda), is conducting DNA tests on human skeletal remains.

“The DNA of the skeletal remains will be compared with reference data, believed to be from the family, at the Forensic Laboratory of the Indonesian National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Puslabfor Bareskrim Polri),” said Carlie, as reported by Antara on Tuesday (3 Oct).

The DNA testing aims to determine the cause of death and the motive behind the concealment of the skeleton, which still remains a mystery.

This scientific investigation process is expected to shed light on the enigma surrounding the discovery.

“Authorities will provide updates as soon as they have further information regarding the victim’s identity, cause of death, and how the skeleton ended up in the drum in Sungai Jurong Iboh,” he said.

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