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Fatal tiger attack claims life of 25-year-old Malaysian man in Kelantan

Pisie Amud, a 25-year-old Malaysian Orang Asli, tragically lost his life in a suspected tiger attack while fishing on Tuesday.

His lifeless body was found by fellow villagers on the evening of October 4th, displaying severe injuries, including missing his left leg and wild animal scratches.




KELANTAN, MALAYSIA: A tragic event unfolded in the village of Kampung Sugi near Pos Pasik, home to the Temiar tribe, where a young Orang Asli (aboriginal people) named Pisie Amud, aged 25, is believed to have tragically lost his life while fishing on Tuesday (3 Oct).

The discovery of his lifeless body was made by villagers on Wednesday evening (4 Oct).

The body exhibited severe injuries, bearing wild animal scratches on the head and body, and notably, his left leg was missing.

According to Mohd Sani Nahtiman, the Chairman of the Orang Asli Village Security Development Committee (JPKKOA), they were alerted to the situation when it became apparent that the young man from their village had not returned after setting out for a fishing trip.

Acting swiftly, two villagers initiated a search operation in the hilly terrain of Kampung Perwer, adjacent to the oil palm plantations. During their search, they came across the victim’s motorcycle and fishing gear, along with telltale tiger footprints.

Mohd Sani Nahtiman recounted the sequence of events, stating, “They returned home and reported the discovery. At about 06:00 pm, I and 10 other villagers rushed to the scene. Starting from the trace of the tiger, I and three residents followed for 500 meters and found the victim’s body.”

Tragically, Pisie Amud’s body bore unmistakable signs of a ferocious encounter, with deep scratches and the loss of his left leg.

Concerned for their safety, the villagers, numbering 20, took turns guarding the victim’s remains until authorities arrived to collect it.

Alarmingly, during their vigil, the tiger returned around 04:00 a.m., potentially to retrieve the victim’s body.

Mohd Sani Nahtiman revealed, “The Aboriginal people who gathered made noise and set off firecrackers to drive the tiger away, although they were able to keep the wild animal at bay, it was still seen roaming in the area.”

Meanwhile, Inspector Sik Choon Foo, the Gua Musang Police Chief, has confirmed receiving information about the incident at Pos Pasik.

He announced that a Search and Rescue (SAR) operation would commence on Thursday (5 Oct), followed by the victim being transported to the hospital for further evaluation and processing.

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