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Josephine Teo reveals none of the 10 arrested in money laundering probe were on Interpol’s Red Notice

The Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs. Josephine Teo, announced that none of the 10 foreigners arrested were on Interpol’s red notice at the time of their pass applications. The individuals are central to a multi-billion dollar investigation in the city-state.



SINGAPORE: The Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mrs Josephine Teo, revealed that all ten arrested individuals involved in the multi-billion dollar money laundering investigation, held employment or dependent’s passes in the city-state.

Crucially, none of them appeared on Interpol’s red notice list when they applied for these passes.

Interpol issues these red notices to alert global law enforcement agencies seeking assistance locating and provisionally detaining individuals for extradition or other legal actions.

While addressing the parliament, Mrs Teo, who also serves as the Minister for Communication and Information, was responding to inquiries from Members of Parliament.

Their questions centred on Singapore’s vetting processes for immigration pass applications.

This included queries about strengthening scrutiny for potential high-risk applicants, such as those with criminal records, wanted statuses, or those suspected of using false identities.

Previously, on 18 August, the Ministry of Manpower had disclosed that the detainees, nine men and one woman aged between 31 and 44, possessed Employment and Dependant Passes. Importantly, none of these individuals are Singaporean citizens or permanent residents.

The detainees, all of Fujian descent but hailing from various countries, were charged in court on a Wednesday evening.

Three of them are Chinese nationals, with the remaining consisting of three Cambodians, two Cypriots, one Turk, and one individual from Vanuatu. They face charges ranging from forgery and money laundering to resisting arrest.

Furthermore, 12 individuals are currently aiding the police with the investigation, with another eight being actively sought after.

Mrs Teo confirmed that the scope of the investigation is expansive, encompassing Singaporeans, permanent residents, and others with different types of immigration passes.

MPs queried the collaboration between Singapore and foreign governments to validate information provided by immigration pass applicants. Mrs Teo acknowledged that while checks are performed when suspicions arise, it’s impractical to vet every single application given the sheer volume.

She emphasized that while no system is completely immune to abuse, it is vital not to overcomplicate the process for the majority who are innocent.

“The goal is to reduce risks, enhance our detection capabilities, but not compromise legitimate, lawful transactions,” she said.

The arrested individuals have been denied bail due to their high flight risk and potential interference with evidence.

Mrs Teo also informed the parliament about the escalating value of the seized assets, now valued at more than S$2.8 billion (US$2.04 billion).

This figure has seen a substantial increase from the S$1 billion announced in August, which later was updated to over S$2.4 billion in September.

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Blame it on the alligator, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants and Interpol. When are you taking responsibility for your own failure in not having a system in place of checks and balances? Don’t be so arrogant. Apologize because you have failed the people and state. The honourable Japanese will do a harakiri. How about you?

Sheegaporeans worship PAP lies so much to the extent one shd believe it is credible they have a PAP Bible or Holy Book somewhere.

The self exoneration of not guilty in inference of Ridout Bungalow rentals on the cheap, the Get Out of Jail offered to Keppel Elite staffs including it’s Chairman when USA 🇺🇸 has indicted them – surely is one of the Great PAP Administration acts of propriety on their terms to maintain SG integrity. Congrats to all. Include sheeps too.

Sheegapore is squeaky clean – all thanks to the powerful magic of Million Dollars Salary brand of detergent.

Locals are STUCK OFF lan lan – multiple price increases next year. Clap your own hands to celebrate the PAP.

As “Don Geibo” below👇🏿, accurately cited, … all of the FuJian gang’s activities were conducted in SillyPore, … for four entire years !!!

Just look at the tangible assets they manage to acquire, … hundreds upon hundreds of properties and cars, and the umpteen bank accounts opened with monies transacted in and out, … in the millions, … for four entire years !!!

All of this occured systematically, … during your’s and pap’s watch leh !!!

Sure~ly, Jo SSS Teo is not pulling their trusted trump card, that is, … “inside is not within” !!!

Josephine, where are all your radars? All not working or the operators sleeping? Now you depend on Interpol!

All these activities were done in Singapore, what has it got to do with Interpol?

You are paid in millions$, do some work, don’t keep spending your time in small space!

Small space Teo trying to redeem her ministry again with all lousy excuses that we’ve heard before.
Pathetic bunch of overpaid blood suckers.

Answers as to why ,when, how come this case is allowed to happen in our once sunny Singapore in the first place must be disclosed by the responsible authorities.The fact that it happened,clearly shows that existing preventive measures are grossly inadequate.Some heads must roll.By the way this may be just a tip of that yet to be discovered iceberg.🤔🤔🤔.

Sure, but this monkey also said the FW dorms were on MOM radar at the start of covid, yet the dorms were having TRIPLE digits infections DAILY for about 7-8 months. Maybe the radar operator was distracted by her activities in small spaces, hor.