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Malaysian burger vendor duped by repeat scammer: Calls for safer payment protocols

In a viral TikTok video, an Ampang burger vendor recounts how he fell victim to a scam, losing nearly RM100. This incident sheds light on a notorious scammer’s modus operandi, prompting calls for improved payment procedures in the local food scene.




MALAYSIA: A roadside burger vendor in Ampang, Selangor, fell victim to a scam, losing nearly RM100 (US$21.3) in the process.

Taking to his TikTok account “mohdazroyampang” on Wednesday (20 Sep), the burger vendor shared his ordeal, and the video quickly went viral, garnering over 218 thousand views.


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According to Azroy, the incident transpired at approximately 08.30 pm (local time). A middle-aged woman and a young man, seemingly a mother-son duo, arrived at his stall riding an electric scooter.

They placed an order for two triple-crusted chicken burgers, a double venison special, and a double meat special but requested to collect the food later due to a sudden influx of customers.

True to their word, the duo returned to claim their order and inquired about the total cost. They also mentioned their intention to place another order based on the receipt.

The initial order cost RM48 (US$10.20), which the son promptly paid and left on his motorcycle.

Subsequently, the mother asked Azroy to prepare another meal, bringing the total to RM96 (US$20.5).

Then, as she pretended to scan the QR code, she suddenly claimed to be short on credit and needed to return home for money.

Seizing this opportunity, they both abruptly left the stall, taking the first set of burgers with them.

Azroy shared that they waited until closing time, but the duo never returned.

He expressed relief that his wife had stopped him from making the second order, thus preventing further financial loss.

In the video, Azroy went on to reveal that the individual involved was a notorious scammer in Ampang, with several other food vendors falling prey to the same modus operandi.

A fellow seller in the comments section confirmed that they almost had been scammed by the same individual.


Many viewers expressed sympathy for the burger seller and called for improved payment procedures to prevent such incidents from recurring.

One commenter suggested that, moving forward, the seller should request payment upfront before allowing customers to leave with their food.

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Promoting online payments or scams? Govts. must not force mode of payment on population. It must be of choice.

There still exists, sickening scums of the earth and lowest of the low, … thriving and thieving from those who work bloody hard for a living, where every penny counts !!!

Looks like Terry Xu is going nuts in Taiwan. Writing such articles as news.