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Singapore’s first Malay female commercial pilot soars to captaincy

Singapore’s Farhain Abu Bakar, the first Malay female commercial pilot, attains the rank of Captain, breaking barriers in the predominantly male aviation sector. Her success offers hope to aspiring pilots in a field where women make up less than 1%. Her promotion, celebrated on social media, symbolized by four golden stripes on her uniform.



SINGAPORE: In a testament to perseverance and dedication, Farhain Abu Bakar, Singapore’s first Malay female commercial pilot, has achieved the prestigious rank of Captain.

With a soaring passion for aviation from her early years, this remarkable milestone in her career shines a beacon of hope for aspiring pilots.

The aviation industry, predominantly male-dominated, witnesses an inspiring breakthrough as Captain Farhain’s promotion takes center stage.

Her promotion comes as a ray of hope, given that female pilots represent less than 1% of the pilot community in Singapore’s aviation sector.

Singapore’s first Malay female commercial pilot promoted to Captain

The news of her promotion came to light through a family member’s social media post.

The image of Captain Farhain, holding a balloon with the message “AYE! AYE! CAPTAIN Farhain!” evoked celebration and pride.


The unmistakable symbol of her new role was the addition of four golden stripes on her epaulettes.

This isn’t the first time Captain Farhain has made headlines for her pioneering achievements.

In 2016, she was featured in several news site by making history as Singapore’s first local Malay female commercial pilot at just 29 years of age.

Captain Farhain’s aviation journey

Captain Farhain’s journey into aviation began during her days at Singapore Polytechnic, where she obtained her private pilot license from the Singapore Youth Flying Club in 2004.

Her passion for flying led her to the Singapore Flying College, where she achieved her commercial pilot license in 2008, followed by instructor certification in 2010.

She dedicated 5.5 years to instructing before joining Scoot, as reported ST.

Her enduring passion for flying remains a driving force, as she expressed, “I am amazed to see the beauty of nature…the color of the sky as it changes when night turns to day…all of it.”

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If only she had insisted wearing the tudung, then how ?

Bravo, … whilst we’re at it, let’s usher in the first female PM then.

Ho ker~Ching springs to mind, as the best possible and only viable candidate, … having steered TH aground, losing billions and still around Temasek, sticking her nose where it’s not wanted, a mega~mouth that spouts mega~crap, fashion icon and, … … still the darling of the people !!!

She’s the one !!!

Well done Capt Farhain Abu Bakar. However, we should reemphasize on merits instead of playing the race issue over and over again. Tharman’s elected to be next president showed conclusively that there is no Chinese advantage, that Singaporeans NEVER needed a Reserved President to elect someone from the minorities.

Firstly, why mention her ethnicity? Is the article trying to imply something? I mean yes gender proud is wonderful but race? Why? In Malaysia also mostly Malay pilots correct?

Congratulations to you as a fellow Singaporean. I refuse to define you by race. Well done.👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

Can I praise she is pretty? tsk tsk tsk