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Naked Russian tourist causes stir in Bali, claims sleepwalking

A Russian tourist, claiming sleepwalking, alarmed residents by walking naked in Bali. He received a warning, with the Indonesian police emphasizing the need of respect for local norms.



INDONESIA: In an unusual incident that left residents of Darmawangsa Street in Banjar Petangan, Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, perplexed, a Russian national, identified as DS (34), was seen strolling naked on Wednesday (27 Sep).

This bizarre incident has sparked concerns among locals and raised questions about the man’s actions.

South Kuta Police Chief I Nyoman Karang Adiputra, while interrogating the Russian man, DS (34), for walking naked on Darmawangsa Street, Banjar Petangan, Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, on Wednesday (27 Sep). (Photo:

According to local authorities, DS, who is a professional parkour athlete in his home country, was apprehended shortly after the incident. He claimed to suffer from a sleepwalking disorder.

“DS admitted to having a history of sleepwalking and is currently taking prescribed medication,” stated I Ketut Sukadi, the Head of the Public Relations Section at the Denpasar City Police Resort (Polresta), in a written statement.

Sukadi further explained that, based on reports from witnesses, the foreign tourist was observed leaving a villa and walking towards Darmawangsa Street in the buff around 9.22 am local time.

Upon reaching a workshop, he stood motionless for approximately 30 minutes. Subsequently, the tourist was seen crossing the road multiple times.

Alarmed residents who witnessed the scene promptly alerted local law enforcement.

Officers from the Kuta Police Sector, along with Public Order Officers (Linmas) and the Municipal Police Unit (Satpol PP) of Kutuh Village, rushed to the scene. DS fled into a villa in South Kuta upon seeing the gathering crowd and officials approaching.

During questioning, DS revealed that he had been staying at a Guest House in Tabanan Regency, Bali, as a guest of a friend since Tuesday (26 Sep).

Following the incident, the police collaborated with immigration authorities to examine DS’s travel documents to Bali. It was confirmed that his immigration documents were in order, resulting in a mere warning for his actions.

“DS is a professional parkour athlete in his home country. At this time, he has only received a stern warning,” added Sukadi.

In light of this incident, Sukadi urged all tourists, both domestic and foreign, within the jurisdiction of Polresta Denpasar, to always respect and honor Bali’s culture, customs, and applicable regulations. He emphasized the importance of adhering to local norms and laws to avoid any violations.

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