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Singapore’s water prices to increase by 18% over next two years

Singapore’s PUB announced an 18% increase in water prices over two years, attributed to rising costs since 2017. This results in an extra 50 cents per cubic metre, split between 2024 and 2025.

It is estimated that most households will see their bills rise by under S$10 by 2025.



Singapore’s national water agency, PUB, has announced a notable 18% hike in water prices over the next two years, in light of rising production and supply costs since 2017.

As of now, potable water for most households is priced at S$2.74 (US$2.01) for every 1,000 litres.

This price augmentation translates to an added 50 cents per cubic metre, divided over two increments: 20 cents in 2024 and 30 cents in 2025.

By 2025’s end, a majority of households will experience a minimal increase in their monthly bills, under S$10, PUB projected.

Businesses, on the other hand, will face diverse impacts. While three-quarters of them will witness less than a S$25 monthly hike, hawkers will see a moderate increment of less than S$15.

It is the households with larger water consumption, beyond 40 cubic metres a month, that are set to endure the most substantial surge in their water bills. Their rate will surge by 70 cents for every excess cubic metre consumed, amounting to S$4.39 by 2025.

Simultaneously, the price for NEWater — Singapore’s treated reclaimed wastewater used mainly for industry and cooling — will ascend by 17 cents, also in two stages.

PUB cited multiple reasons for this price surge, including a significant 37% rise in electricity market tariffs and a 35% spike in construction costs.

Other contributing factors include the escalating expenses for essential chemicals in water treatment and mounting maintenance costs.

Additionally, the agency also emphasized the rising operational costs and heavy investments required for water infrastructure, such as the second phase of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System which costs S$6.5 billion, nearly double its first phase.

As Singapore faces the challenge of almost doubling its water demand by 2065, PUB is set to rely more on NEWater and desalinated water — two of its four primary water sources. Although resilient against extreme climate impacts, these sources are pricier to produce.

The PUB has rebuffed any suggestions of postponing this price surge, emphasizing that a delay would necessitate even steeper price hikes in the near future. According to PUB, this decision supports its commitment to ensure Singapore’s water security amidst climate change and burgeoning water demands.

In light of these changes, the government is set to introduce financial aid for lower- and middle-income households to alleviate the cost of living pressures. Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong will reveal more details on the upcoming support measures.

Moreover, the recent water price increment aligns with Dr Amy Khor’s speech at the 18th World Water Congress on 11 September.

The Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment highlighted Singapore’s continuous efforts over the past 60 years to bolster water security through its “four national taps framework”.

She noted that the cost of water delivery in Singapore is rising, and this trend may persist, despite the incorporation of innovative technologies, adding that this likely escalation will be reflected in the country’s water prices.

However, a closer look at PUB’s annual reports shows a Net Income of $2.4b after Government Grants and Contributions to the Consolidated Fund and Tax over the decade preceding FY2021. This finding challenges Dr Khor’s claims about financial constraints and the imminent price increments.

The last substantial revision in water prices was in 2017, resulting in a 30% increment over two years, which led to a public protest at Hong Lim Park and public outcry online.

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Ironically, everyone saw this hikes in the horizon with the water and electric and transport but they still chose to put Pineapple man in which he is totally quiet about his government playing the price spinning circle.
Sinkies got what they deserve…congrats, now pay up!

Obviously 61 sinkies can’t do anything. squeeze balls lor. tsk tsk tsk

Well done pineapple voters. Your endorsement signal a “positive” outcome for price increase.

Don’t look for me. Sorry I can’t help. Perhaps look for your pineapple king in Tarman Jurong.. tsk tsk tsk

Was the PROFITABLE PUB amongst the many state corps Goh Chok Tong had in mind years ago, planned to privatise, with shares to give and distribute among citizens, like they did with Singtel, in order for them to enjoy and participate in the prosperity of the country?


I reckon NOW I PERFECTLY understand why your 99 year old EXPIRE HDB flat is a Store of Value.

And when it’s a store of value, what the PAP Administration offer is traded off from your Store of Value.

That’s the PAP Administration Game to F Sheegaporeans in return FOR A MANDATE – right?

Obvious ‘FACT’ – who are the ones WHO CAUSES FUNDAMENTAL HARDSHIPS to Sheegaporeans, esp spiralling up INFLATION amongst the courses of living and working, perhaps EVEN DYING.

The people voted for this. Well done!

Can’t be helped – because 61% simply loves to pay more and more.

The current president said in the past at the UN that Singapore OVERCHARGES its citizens for water. One of his former cabinet colleagues said that overcharging is to teach Singaporeans a lesson. I’m not sure if it is to value water more or to vote more wisely 🙂 Apparently the lesson was NOT learned.

Didn’t someone in the PAP once say a larger population will share cost so prices will come down? Now what is the new narrative? Anyone in the PAP?

Will you low ses folks having low ses pay have a pay increase of more than 18% to beat the water price hike?
I am sure the PAP and their minions will surely get more than 300% pay hike over that same time and coming from a pay scale that ain’t low ses anyway!😆😆😆😆😆😆

What is with this two-stage price hike? All it does is make it harder businesses to absorb the cost. It is easier to absorb a single large price hike than two smaller hikes. I hope the 70% start saving.

Public transport fares have increased over last few years in unprecedented percentage and more to come these 2 years. Now we have water cost increase by a large percentage over the next 2 years.

COE at record high, HDB and private housing prices at record high. Food costs, both raw ingredients and cooked food, prices have gone to the roof.

No wonder the rich are getter richer in order to buy their bigger and another bigger Good Class Bungalows and more GCB while the majority of the population suffering

Any~body surprised ?!!!

Of course not !!!

Wouldn’t be the pap otherwise, … would it now.

Besides, based on this self~serving government’s “calculations”, … it’s “affordable and accessible to all”, much like it’s “public housing” programme, … … and this should tie in velly nicely and sweetly with the next GST increment and public transportation hike !!!

What is New?!? Always the same, increase price without any justification/reasoning …