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Reckless passenger triggers near miss on Dunearn Road as car door collides with passing vehicle

Last Sunday, a passenger’s hasty car door opening led to a collision on Singapore’s Dunearn Road. A dashcam recorded the incident and netizens were astonished by the recklessness. Thankfully, no injuries occurred.

The incident also raised questions about the role of the driver and the violation of stopping near a ‘double yellow line.’



SINGAPORE: On Sunday (24 Sep), a passenger of a white Toyota Prius narrowly escaped harm after opening the car door on the right side without checking for oncoming traffic.

The reckless move resulted in a collision with a passing vehicle, leaving the Prius visibly shaken but thankfully causing no injuries.

The incident unfolded along Dunearn Road, near the Singapore Lacrosse Association.

A dashcam from another vehicle captured the moment and subsequently circulated on SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page.


The footage showed the Prius stopped on the side of the road, with traffic flowing steadily on its right side.

Despite this, the passenger decided to exit the vehicle, swinging the door open directly into oncoming traffic.

A quick-thinking driver of a red car honked to warn the Prius occupants, but the collision was inevitable.

The impact caused the Prius to shake, leaving the door unable to close properly.

Passers-by were seen looking on in shock as the passenger struggled unsuccessfully to shut the damaged car door.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the incident.

“Must check and double check…(before alighting)”

The majority of comments from netizens expressed astonishment at the passenger’s carelessness.

Nonetheless, a few also pointed out that the driver should have alerted the passenger about the safe exit point too.

Someone else commented that it was ‘fortunate’ that the colliding vehicle wasn’t a motorcycle; otherwise, the driver might have faced a suspension of their driver’s license.

Nevertheless, there were also comments stating that both the white car and the car filming the incident might have been allegedly at fault because it stopped in a location marked by a ‘double yellow line.’

According to UDRIVERS’ website, a Singaporean car insurance company, the ‘double yellow line’ is a parallel continuous yellow lines that indicates “parking and waiting are not allowed at all times on the side where the lines are drawn.

“However, immediate picking and dropping off passengers are allowed.

“Drivers who park on roads with parallel continuous yellow lines will be fined up to $150, depending on the type of vehicle,” it said.

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It’s all subjective really.

Opting to open a rear passenger car door on the side of oncoming, active and moving traffic, … is a matter of choice !!!

One can’t plead blindness, ignorance or stupidity, … surely !!!