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Netizens applaud stranger’s compassionate act towards P-Hailing rider’s child in Malaysia

In a heartwarming incident at a Kuantan intersection, a compassionate stranger’s unexpected gift to a P-hailing rider’s child has touched hearts across Malaysia.




MALAYSIA: A spontaneous act of compassion by a Malaysian motorcyclist to a child has recently garnered widespread acclaim on TikTok, touching the hearts of viewers with its remarkable empathy and benevolence.

This heartwarming incident unfolded at a Kuantan intersection in Pahang, where it was captured on a dashcam video.

TikTok user “syahmiyem” originally shared the video on Monday (25 Sep) and it has since garnered over 91 thousand views.


Terbaik orang Kuantan. Mungkin ini salah satu cara Tuhan nak jentik hati aku untuk lebih banyak sedekah 🥲 #kuantan #randomactsofkindness #randomactofkindness

♬ French Fuse Three Little Birds feat Ryclarkie – FRENCH FUSE

In the video, two motorcyclists are seen at the front of the intersection, engaged in conversation while waiting for a red traffic light to change.

Notably, the motorcyclist on the right was a P-hailing rider who had his young child accompanying him, though the reasons for this arrangement remained undisclosed.

During their brief exchange, the motorcyclist on the left reached into his pocket, appearing to search for something.

To the astonishment of those witnessing the scene, he retrieved a sum of cash and handed it to the young child as a spontaneous gift.

Without uttering a word, he then turned left at the intersection and continued on his journey.

The video’s caption conveyed a deep sentiment, asserting,

“Kuantan residents epitomize the best of humanity. Perhaps this is a divine intervention, serving as a reminder to extend my charitable deeds.”

Netizens commend the motorcyclist’s kindness towards a child

In the comments section of the video, numerous netizens praised the man’s impromptu act of kindness, expressing their hopes that he would be rewarded with positive karma for his generosity.

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One commenter reflected on the tradition of giving alms to a young child, noting that it was a practice upheld by previous generations with a genuine intention to assist fellow human beings.


This heartwarming act serves as a reminder of the enduring kindness that can be found in the most unexpected moments.

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