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Malaysian taxi driver draws online criticism for illegally parking in OKU space and committing vandalism

A recent incident involving a Malaysian taxi driver has set social media ablaze, as he faced backlash for illegally occupying a parking spot for people with disabilities (OKU) and resorting to vandalism. Online communities are now demanding repercussions for his actions.




MALAYSIA: A Malaysian taxi driver recently found himself embroiled in controversy for committing two illegal acts, which were captured on surveillance footage and subsequently ignited a firestorm of criticism on Twitter.

In a 44-second video shared via the MALAYSIA MOST VIRAL on X platform, Friday (22 Sep), the footage portrayed the taxi driver grappling with the challenge of extricating his vehicle from an allocated parking space for individuals with disabilities (OKU) due to another car blocking his path.

In the video that was seen 394 thousand times, the driver nonchalantly occupied the OKU parking space without the requisite OKU sticker, displaying a flagrant disregard for the designated spot.

In the footage, the taxi can be observed struggling to reverse out of the OKU parking space due to a Perodua Kancil blocking its path.

Remarkably, the taxi lacked an OKU sticker, strongly implying that the driver had illegally taken the parking spot.

Conversely, the Perodua Kancil prominently displayed an OKU sticker on its windshield.

Following the successful manoeuvre to vacate the spot, the driver surprisingly exited the vehicle and committed a shocking act of vandalism by tearing off the OKU driver’s windshield wipers in a fit of rage.

The driver not only opted to unlawfully occupy an OKU parking space but also chose to damage another person’s property, eliciting widespread condemnation from internet users.

The taxi driver faced criticism from netizens

Outraged by his sense of entitlement, netizens vehemently criticized the driver for his disrespectful behaviour towards the OKU driver.

They pointed out the driver’s irrationality in flouting the law by parking in an OKU-designated spot.

Netizens were appalled by the driver’s actions and condemned his destruction of the OKU driver’s car, even though he was unquestionably in the wrong.


One sympathetic comment read, “Poor the driver, who not only lost his parking spot but now must incur expenses to replace the wipers.”


Another individual added, “Even in the midst of life’s stresses, one does not possess the right to vandalize another person’s property, especially those who require assistance. It’s no wonder that many people opt not to use taxis due to such attitudes.”


Numerous individuals have taken it upon themselves to draw the authorities’ attention to this incident, demanding appropriate action be taken against the errant taxi driver.

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