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Viral video of a young M’sian man bringing pet dog to laundrette stirs debate

A viral video drew attention as a young man faced backlash for bringing his pet dog to a Malacca laundromat.

The footage showed the dog waiting placidly in a basket while the man operated a washing machine. Tensions rose when a bystander questioned the dog’s presence in the public space.



MALAYSIA: In a recent viral video circulating on social media, a young man faced criticism for bringing his pet dog into a Malacca laundrettes.

The video, shared by the user “nanmanjoi8715,” X (formerly known as Twitter), captured the dog calmly waiting in a basket beside its owner as the young man loaded coins into a washing machine.

The situation escalated when another man, who appeared to be recording the video, confronted the pet owner.

He questioned why the dog was brought into a public place.

In response, the dog’s owner mentioned that he had brought the dog to the laundrettes before without any issues.

The person recording the video suggested that the pet owner could have left the dog in his car, but the pet owner explained that he did not have a license for that option.

He also mentioned that there was no one at home, which was why he had to bring the dog along.

The disagreement continued, with the pet owner asking why others were allowed to bring their cats into the laundrettes.

A woman intervened in the argument, suggesting that there should be a sign explicitly stating that all animals are not allowed.

The person recording the video then clarified that cats were allowed, but dogs and pigs were not.

When questioned about why other people had not raised concerns about the pet owner bringing his dog before, he responded by saying that he had never met those individuals and couldn’t speak for them.

He emphasized that he was addressing the situation in a respectful manner and urged the pet owner not to be rude.

Netizens show mixed reactions

In general, it’s essential to note that pets are typically not allowed in most public places unless specific guidelines or rules explicitly permit them.

However, it appears that this policy might be overlooked by some individuals, particularly in the case of public laundrettes.

There were individuals who believed that both parties could have managed the situation more effectively.

Several netizens highlighted that the man who confronted the pet owner was also in the wrong for asserting that cats were permissible but not dogs and pigs.

While some pointed out reasons why the dog’s owner might be at fault, there are some others who defended his decision.

For instance, one netizen raised a thought-provoking question: Would the reaction have been different if the pet owner had brought a cat instead of a dog?

Following this query, another comment suggested that the man could have simply requested the pet owner to keep his dog outside the laundrette area, given that there are typically stray dogs wandering about.

You can watch the video here:

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