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Indonesian student assaults teacher due to dissatisfaction with midterm exam results

In a disturbing incident, a student attacked his teacher in a Central Java school, leaving the educator critically injured. The assailant’s act of violence was reportedly driven by dissatisfaction with his mid-semester grades, causing widespread shock and concern in the community.




CENTRAL JAVA, INDONESIA: In a distressing incident that unfolded at an Islamic high school in Demak, Central Java, an educator identified by the initials AF fell victim to a slashing perpetrated by one of his own students in a class.

This shocking episode occurred precisely at 10.00 AM local time on Monday (25 Sep), while AF was in the midst of distributing midterm examination papers.

The sudden violence prompted an immediate response from the guard teacher who was on duty, who rushed to the scene to intervene, as recounted by Adjunct Police Commissioner Suwondo, the Head of the Kebonagung Sector Police, in his statement to detikcom.

The assailant responsible for this harrowing act was identified as a first year student named AR.

AR brandished a sickle and viciously attacked his teacher, inflicting grievous injuries to AF’s right neck and left arm before hastily departing the classroom and fleeing.

As of the present, law enforcement authorities are actively pursuing AR, and a crucial piece of evidence, the sickle used in the attack, was discovered on the school premises, right in front of the school building.

Following the assault, AF was rushed to Gubuk Hospital and subsequently referred to Central General Hospital Dr. Kariadi Semarang due to the severity of his condition. His injuries were indeed critical.

The school’s administrative head, Aenul Ibad, confirmed that AF was a teacher responsible for student affairs and had been in the midst of distributing midterm examination materials when this tragic incident occurred.

According to Ibad, the assailant, AR, entered the classroom and greeted the teacher before abruptly launching three brutal strikes with a sharp weapon around 10.00 in the morning.

The violence had such a profound impact that a number of students fainted upon witnessing the horrifying scene, necessitating immediate assistance from the police for both the injured teacher and the affected students.

Subsequently, the school made a decision to send the students back to their homes, leading to the suspension of all ongoing teaching and learning activities, along with the postponement of scheduled examinations.

The perpetrator was allegedly dissatisfied with his midterm exam score

In a troubling development, Demak Resort Police Chief, Adjunct Police Commissioner Muhammad Purbaja, disclosed that the motive behind this shocking act of violence was rooted in the assailant’s dissatisfaction with his mid-semester assessment grades.

Purbaja stated unequivocally that the attacker’s actions were driven by deep-seated frustration over academic performance.

In the wake of the attack, the perpetrator fled the scene on a motorbike, prompting swift and concerted efforts by law enforcement agencies to locate and apprehend him.

Furthermore, the Demak Police Criminal and Investigation Unit is actively and relentlessly pursuing the assailant who displayed the audacity to carry out this heinous attack on a teacher.

“We are currently in the midst of a vigorous pursuit operation, as the perpetrator remains at large,” he emphasized.

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