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Tragic accident at toll exit claims three lives and dozens injured in Indonesia

A devastating accident at the Bawen Toll exit in Central Java resulted in three fatalities and numerous injuries. A truck plowed into a line of vehicles halted at a red light, causing extensive damage and sparking investigations into the incident’s cause.




CENTRAL JAVA, INDONESIA: A traffic accident occurred at the Bawen Toll exit in Semarang, Central Java, resulting in a tragic incident involving several vehicles, and the loss of three lives along with dozens injured.

This unfortunate incident transpired on Saturday (23 Sep) at approximately 6.30 pm local time.

Surveillance footage, widely circulated on social media, reveals that the accident unfolded at a red light intersection.

The truck, seemingly unable to come to a halt, as its brakes were suspected to have malfunctioned while negotiating a downhill road with a red light, collided with vehicles that had come to a stop at the signal.

The confirmed death toll stands at three individuals

By Sunday (24 Sep), the police had verified that three fatalities occurred in the accident at the Bawen Toll road exit.

Earlier reports had erroneously indicated four casualties, but it was later revealed that one victim initially declared deceased was, in fact, alive and receiving critical medical care in a local hospital.

Satake Bayu, the Head of Public Relations for the Central Java Regional Police, identified the three victims as motorbike riders who had come to a halt at the red light at the Bawen Toll exit. These unfortunate individuals lost their lives at the scene of the collision.

Meanwhile, a total of 27 individuals sustained injuries, with one person in serious condition and 26 others experiencing minor injuries.

Fatal accident involved 15 vehicles

The incident, in which a truck collided with multiple vehicles stopped at the red light at the Bawen Toll Road exit, affected a total of 15 vehicles.

According to Bayu, nine motorcycles and six motorized vehicles incurred damage as a result of the collision, spanning from the point of impact to just in front of the Bawen Toll Road Exit Police Post.

Presently, law enforcement authorities are awaiting the results of their investigation at the crime scene to definitively determine the cause of the accident at the Bawen Toll exit.

The truck driver has been taken into custody by the police

Police Commissioner of the Central Java Regional Police Traffic Directorate, Agus Suryo Nugroho has disclosed that the truck driver, identified by the initials AG (44), has been apprehended and is currently under interrogation in connection with the incident at the Bawen Toll exit.

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