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Mastercard, Grab, and unite to empower Banten students with over US$97,000 for vital school supplies

In a heartwarming collaboration, Mastercard, Grab, and raised IDR 1.5 billion to provide essential school supplies to over 2,400 students in Banten, Indonesia.

This initiative aims to support underprivileged children on their educational journey and create a brighter future.




INDONESIA: Mastercard recently announced its successful fundraising effort, “Mastercard for the Nation’s Children,” in collaboration with Grab and, which raised a total of IDR 1.5 billion (US$97,553).

These funds will be dedicated to providing essential school supplies to over 2,400 students across 10 elementary schools in Banten, Indonesia. The distribution of these supplies will be facilitated through the fundraising platform.

During the campaign period, an impressive 70,000 Grab users activated donation vouchers to participate, resulting in nearly a quarter of a million transactions recorded from 8 July to 24 August 2023.

As part of their contribution, Mastercard pledged to donate IDR 5,000 (US$ 0.33) for every transaction made using a Mastercard debit or credit card within the Grab application.

This initiative by Mastercard, in partnership with Grab and, aims to address pressing challenges within the education sector in the Banten region.

According to data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, approximately 1,400 students in Banten discontinued their elementary school education during the 2022/2023 school year.

Furthermore, the average duration of schooling in Banten in 2022 was only 9.13 years, prompting the Indonesian government to prioritize formal education.

This commitment is underscored by the allocation of IDR 612 trillion for education in 2023.

Aligned with the government’s objectives and its aspiration to make a positive societal impact, Mastercard, along with Grab and, is supplying school materials to support underprivileged children in Banten on their educational journey.

This initiative ensures that they have the necessary tools and resources to thrive academically, paving the way for a brighter future.

Roy Nugroho, Director of Grab For Business, Grab Indonesia, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Grab is delighted to collaborate with Mastercard and for the ‘Mastercard for the Nation’s Children’ initiative. This endeavor aligns with our GrabForGood principle, where we strive to empower more Indonesian individuals and create a positive impact through technology.”

Andy F. Noya, CEO & Founder of, added that this program instills hope, comfort, and essential facilities for the younger generation to pursue their dreams and ultimately improve education in Indonesia.

Aileen Goh, President Director of PT Mastercard Indonesia, reiterated Mastercard’s commitment to the “Doing Well by Doing Good” philosophy, aiming to make a positive impact in local communities for a more just and prosperous world.

She extended her gratitude to Mastercard cardholders who contributed to this campaign.

Update on donation funds

On 19 September, BenihBaik shared via its Instagram account the handover ceremony of aid to one of the schools in Banten, made possible by the fundraising efforts of Mastercard Indonesia and Grab Indonesia.

The event took place at SD Negeri 1 Kronjo, one of the elementary schools in Banten, and was attended by VP Head of Account Management PT Mastercard Indonesia Wibawa Prasetyawan, Director Consumer Marketing PT Mastercard Indonesia Kenny Windandari Ruky, Director Grab for Business Roy Nugroho, Chief Partnership Officer BenihBaik Dena Rochmawaty, and SD Negeri 1 Kronjo Principal Suanda, who received the funds.

benihbaik instagram

from left; Roy Nugroho, Wibawa Prasetyawan, Deny Rochmawaty, Suanda (Photo: Instagram/BenihBaik)


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