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Innovative self-feeder revolutionises stray dog care in Malaysia

Stray Tales Society (STS) has unveiled a self-feeder solution for feeding stray dogs in Malaysia. This inventive device, born from dedication and support, promises to transform the lives of countless strays, garnering widespread attention and sparking a movement of compassion.



MALAYSIA – Stray Tales Society (STS) recently shared a video showcasing their innovative self-feeder solution to address the issue of feeding stray dogs.

In the video, dedicated volunteers can be seen setting up the unique device, which promises to revolutionise the way stray dogs are fed.

“We’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to develop this self-feeder in our laboratory,” they said.

The Malaysia-based animal rescue group has recently gained widespread attention and support for their latest initiative, which aims to make a positive impact on the lives of countless stray dogs.

STS expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their dedicated supporters at social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, whose contributions have played a pivotal role in making this project a resounding success.

Since its launch in Semenyih, the self-feeder has proven its effectiveness by consistently providing sustenance to 10 to 15 dogs over a 3-day period.

STS embarked on this noble journey a year ago, even though their presence on TikTok and Instagram only began recently.

They have been tirelessly engaged in the essential work of rescuing, feeding, and fostering stray animals.

Their decision to utilise social media as a platform for their efforts was motivated by a desire to raise public awareness about the plight of stray dogs.

The inspiration for their self-feeder concept was born out of their encounters with numerous stray dogs.

Recognising the time and effort required to provide warm cooked meals to these animals, STS came up with the idea of developing a self-feeder to ensure that the strays would remain nourished even in their absence.

“It takes quite a lot of time, so we thought of an idea to set up a self-feeder to help keep the strays sustained while we were away,” they said.

The tremendous dedication and hard work poured into this project have undeniably paid off, as the self-feeder has captured the hearts of many.

The initiative has garnered widespread attention and positive feedback from online users, who have been deeply moved by STS’s commitment to helping stray dogs.

Numerous individuals have expressed interest in acquiring the self-feeder for their own use, while others have inquired about how they can contribute to the cause through donations.

In response to these inquiries, STS is actively working on launching a dedicated donations page to facilitate the contributions of those who wish to support their mission.

The organisation provided a glimpse into their future plans. They affirmed their commitment to “changing tales, one rescue at a time,” and expressed their desire to expand their reach not only geographically but also in terms of the services they offer.

STS is poised to continue making a profound impact on the lives of stray dogs and promoting the welfare of animals in need across Malaysia.

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