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NZ couple receives S$1,600 refund from SIA after unpleasant encounter with pet dog on long-haul flight

A New Zealand couple’s Paris-to-Singapore flight with Singapore Airlines turned distressing as they endured an uncomfortable journey seated beside a snorting, flatulent emotional support dog.

After a dispute, they were granted a refund of approximately S$1,600 (US$1,170).



SINGAPORE: A New Zealand couple travelling on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Paris to Singapore has been granted a refund of approximately S$1,600 (US$ 1,170) after enduring an uncomfortable journey seated next to a snorting and farting emotional support dog.

Mrs Gill Press and her husband Warren had purchased premium economy tickets for their 13-hour flight in June but were taken aback when they discovered an emotional support dog, which appeared to be a French bulldog, seated on the floor in their row.

Mrs Press recounted to New Zealand news outlet Stuff that the dog not only emitted unpleasant odors but also slobbered on Mr Press’s legs.

Determined to endure the flight in their premium economy seats, the couple eventually found the stench from their flatulent canine neighbour unbearable and moved to the only available seats in economy class.

A week later, Mrs Press sent a complaint email to the Singapore carrier, sparking a three-month-long dispute.

Previously, SIA had issued an apology and initially presented the couple with KrisShop vouchers worth S$200, which was later increased to travel vouchers worth S$320.

SIA apologizes to NZ couple over unpleasant flight experience with pet dog, refund requested

However, the couple insisted on a full refund, stating that they did not receive the experience they had paid for.

Emphasizing that their concern was not about disliking dogs but rather the lack of prior information about the situation and their disappointment with the airline’s customer service.

“We didn’t receive the experience we paid for,” she told Stuff.

The dispute was finally resolved when SIA offered to reimburse the couple the price difference between their premium economy and economy class tickets.

This amounted to NZ$982.50 (S$795) each, in addition to the S$320 in travel vouchers already provided.

NZ couple said “It’s not about the money”

Mrs Press stated that they intended to donate the refunded money to a charity for guide dogs, emphasizing that their fight was more about principles and not normalizing situations that are neither normal nor acceptable.

“It wasn’t about the money in the end.

The fight was more about principles and not normalizing things that really aren’t normal and acceptable,” she said.

Additionally, SIA pledged to improve its procedures to ensure that passengers are informed in advance if they are seated next to an assistance dog.

It’s worth noting that as of April 1, 2023, Singapore Airlines no longer permits “emotional support dogs” on its flights, but it continues to accommodate approved assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, for passengers with disabilities, who had made prior arrangements and submitted the required documentation.

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Voted best airlines blah blah but arrogant AF.

SIA should have themselves paid the passengers instead of waiting for a claim. Our Banks, corporates and service sectors do not take responsibility for any mistakes or wrong doing. It is seldom that they apologize and do the right. It is the face of the unapologetic and arrogant PAP party that they don.

if opposition leader Chee, will get the same right?