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Indonesian Celebgram Nur Utami named suspect in international drug syndicate money laundering case

Makassar celebgram Nur Utami (NU) faces money laundering charges tied to an international drug syndicate, with seized assets including luxury items and vehicles.



INDONESIA: The Directorate of Narcotics Criminal Acts (Dittipidnarkoba) of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) has officially designated a Makassar-based celebrity influencer, Nur Utami (NU), as a suspect in a money laundering case linked to the international drug network of Fredy Pratama.

The Deputy Director of Dittipidnarkoba at Polri, Commissioner Jayadi, confirmed this during a press briefing on Monday (18 Sep).

NU is currently detained at the Police Criminal Detention Center (Rutan) of Polri.

According to Commissioner Jayadi, NU is the wife of Saru (S), the alleged drug kingpin in South Sulawesi (Sulsel), who is currently evading authorities.

S is known to have collaborated with WW as the key distributor of methamphetamine in the eastern region of South Sulawesi.

WW was apprehended some time ago. NU’s role was reportedly to facilitate the storage of funds generated from drug-related activities in South Sulawesi.

“Her involvement consisted of safeguarding the proceeds from drug sales, which were then used to purchase high-end vehicles, branded items such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags, as well as real estate properties,” Jayadi revealed.

In addition to the suspect’s designation, law enforcement authorities have seized various assets believed to be derived from the couple’s drug-related activities.

Among the confiscated assets were vehicles, including a Toyota Alphard and a Toyota Hilux HRV, along with several other vehicles.

Additionally, luxury items such as Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes products, and other high-end merchandise were taken into custody.

The atmosphere at Nur Utami’s rented house, a suspect in the money laundering case related to the drug cartel network of Fredy Pratama, appeared quiet after being searched by the Polri Bereskrim team in the Hartaco Permai Housing Complex, Tamalanrea Jaya Village, Tamalanrea Subdistrict, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. (Photo:

These lavish assets were seized by a team from the Directorate of Narcotics Criminal Acts (Dittipidnarkoba) of Polri at NU’s residence in the Hartaco Permai Housing Complex, Tamalanrea Jaya Village, Tamalanrea Subdistrict, Makassar City, on the morning of Friday (15 Sep).

Jayadi mentioned that investigators are currently looking into assets in the form of real estate properties.

Jayadi further revealed that NU was apprehended shortly after returning from an Umrah pilgrimage. Her arrest took place on Saturday (16 Sep).

“Previously, NU had performed the Umrah pilgrimage two or three weeks ago, and we apprehended her upon her return,” he explained.

Local residents around NU’s residence described her as a relatively private individual after her marriage to S, who is also known as Saru.

Faizal, the Chairman of RT 05/RW 01 in Tamalanrea Jaya, commented on her change in behavior, saying, “She (Nur Utami) used to be friendly with the neighbors, but after getting married, she became more reserved.”

Faizal also explained that Nur Utami and her husband frequently traveled to Malaysia after their marriage, only occasionally returning to Makassar.

“After getting married, they went to Malaysia and stayed there. They only came back here occasionally,” he noted.

According to Faizal, local residents were familiar with Nur Utami’s husband as a mining entrepreneur in Kalimantan, and she mentioned having business interests in Malaysia.

“When asked, she mentioned that her husband works in a Kalimantan mine and has business activities in Malaysia,” Faizal stated.

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Does she have sg bank account?