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Teacher allegedly slapped a 7-year-old Malaysian student due to missing letter in school bag

A 7-year-old student in a Klang primary school was allegedly slapped by a teacher over a missing letter, resulting in severe swelling. The incident has sparked outrage and escalated into a police case, drawing attention to child abuse concerns in Malaysia.



student slapped

MALAYSIA: Disturbing reports of child abuse in Malaysia have once again emerged on social media, shedding light on a concerning issue.

In recent times, similar incidents have marred the reputation of kindergartens in the Cheras and Kota Kinabalu areas of Malaysia.

Presently, a new case has surfaced, this time involving a primary school in Klang, Malaysia.

In a deeply distressing incident that has ignited widespread outrage online, a primary school teacher is facing severe scrutiny for allegedly assaulting a 7-year-old student, resulting in significant swelling on the child’s cheek.

The incident came to public attention after a post on the social media platform X by a user known as “ndfna” on Tuesday (19 Sep) detailed the harrowing episode that unfolded within the confines of a primary school in Klang.

Teacher allegedly slapped student over a missing letter

As recounted on the platform, a 7-year-old boy reportedly faced a severe slap from his teacher when he couldn’t locate a letter in his school bag, resulting in significant cheek swelling.

student abused

(Photo: X/ndfna)

The victim’s cousin, who shared the incident, expressed shock and outrage over the teacher’s conduct.

She questioned why the teacher didn’t opt for assistance in finding the letter, rather than resorting to violence, especially in the presence of fellow students and teachers.

“Why did the teacher resort to a slap when my cousin couldn’t locate the letter? Why didn’t she offer help at least? Why subject him to this humiliation in front of others?” exclaimed the concerned poster.

Doctor confirms cheek swelling following classroom incident

Subsequently, accompanied by his mother, the victim sought immediate medical attention, where a doctor confirmed that the swelling on his cheek resulted from the alleged slap.

doctor report

(Photo: X/ndfna)

Alarmingly, it seems that those who witnessed the incident did not inquire about the victim’s well-being.

Expressing bewilderment, the cousin questioned the teacher’s actions, remarking, “The teacher is undoubtedly physically larger than a 7-year-old boy. What prompted resorting to violence when the teacher had a clear size advantage, including larger hands?”

Later, it was revealed that the missing letter was located after the incident.

Traumatized child can’t bear hearing the teacher’s name

Additionally, the cousin disclosed that the young victim has developed a fever and is traumatized to the point of covering his ears whenever the teacher’s name is mentioned.

Despite the school’s attempts to address the issue, the teacher has yet to reach out to the victim’s parents to extend an apology or inquire about the child’s condition.

In contrast, the headmaster expressed regret for the incident and expressed a desire to visit the accused teacher’s home.

Authorities investigate

The situation has escalated into a police case, with authorities reportedly making contact with the accused teacher.

police report

(Photo: X/ndfna)

Furthermore, the headmaster of the school has reached out to the victim’s family in an attempt to rectify the situation.

However, the cousin expressed disappointment in the school’s initial response, citing delays due to ongoing courses.

As of now, the teacher responsible for the assault has not made any effort to contact the victim’s parents to apologize or inquire about the child’s condition.

The headmaster, on the other hand, has repeatedly apologized and expressed a desire to visit the victim’s family.

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