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Resourceful Malaysian boy’s sweet gesture to save on pocket money

In a heartwarming story that’s taken the internet by storm, a 7-year-old Malaysian boy’s discreet act of slipping biscuits into his school bag to help save pocket money has captivated millions. His gesture of compassion and frugality is winning hearts worldwide.




MALAYSIA: Innocence often shields children from understanding the sacrifices parents make to secure a comfortable life for their families, leaving them blissfully unaware of the true value of money.

However, occasionally, a young prodigy emerges, captivating our hearts with their wisdom.

A month old TikTok video has recently taken the internet by storm, showcasing the compassionate act of a 7-year-old Malaysian boy.

This heartwarming story came to light when Nadiya Hayati, the boy’s mother, shared a poignant video on her TikTok account, @nadiya.hayati, narrating the touching incident.

On Wednesday (23 Aug) Nadiya took to her TikTok page to reveal her son’s discreet endeavor – slipping a small Tupperware container of biscuits into his school bag as a way to assist his mother in managing his pocket money.


Lenkali bila mama tanya kenapa, kau jawab je la “sebab boleh dek”… #budakdarjah1 #dramasedih #simpanduit #siapapotongbawangni😭😭

♬ original sound – Nadiya 哈亚蒂 – Nadiya 哈亚蒂

Her caption read, “Next time, when Mom asks you why, simply respond, ‘because I can.'”

In the video, Nadiya recounted how she had noticed her son attempting to conceal something within his school bag as he prepared for his day.

To her surprise, she discovered that the young boy had stashed a trio of biscuits in his bag.

Upon learning that her son had undertaken this covert biscuit mission to economize, she inquired, “Tell me, why do you want to save money?”

The boy, overflowing with adorableness, replied, “Because I… because…”

Nadiya persisted, “Tell me, I never asked you to save money. Why do you want to save money?”

With unwavering determination, he responded, “Because I don’t want to buy anything.”

As the conversation continued, the boy revealed his concern that their financial resources were limited.

This empathetic young soul had taken it upon himself to carefully pack three crackers into a compact container, going to the extent of nibbling the edges to ensure a perfect fit – a detail he had tried to keep hidden from his mother.

He assured his mother that these biscuits would suffice for his needs.

This video, shedding light on the boy’s mature and thoughtful decision, quickly went viral, amassing 2.4 million views and sparking an outpouring of awe and warmth from the online community, all deeply touched by the young boy’s considerate actions.

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