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Malaysian vendor collapses into boiling oil, succumbs to injuries in hospital

In a heartbreaking incident in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, a beloved chicken chop vendor met a tragic fate.

Losing consciousness, he fell into boiling oil, leading to his demise. Despite health concerns, he dedicated himself to his business and showed great compassion for animals.



MALAYSIA: In a heartbreaking event that took place in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, a renowned local chicken chop vendor suffered a devastating fate while attending his stall.

The chicken chop vendor suddenly lost consciousness and fell face-first into a boiling pot of oil, as reported by Chinese media Sin Chew Daily.

The fatal accident transpired around 1 p.m. on Wednesday (20 Sept) at Jingcheng Kuala Kangsar Food Centre, nestled in an alley off the main street.

The vendor, recognized for his distinctive attire consisting of a vest and wooden clogs, was a 58-year-old man residing near SJK(C) Tsung Wah, just beyond a bridge, was discovered with faint signs of life.

He was swiftly rushed to Kuala Kangsar Hospital with severe burns on his face, chest, and back.

Tragically, the vendor succumbed to his injuries at 2.21 p.m.

Juggling health and business priorities

The vendor’s older brother, a self-employed individual, shared with Sin Chew Daily reporters that he hurried back from Shah Alam in Selangor upon receiving news of the accident to oversee his brother’s funeral arrangements.

He revealed that his younger brother had been grappling with high blood pressure, often complaining of severe headaches.

Despite frequent advice to take breaks and prioritize his health, the late vendor found it challenging to step away from his beloved chicken chop business, which he cherished deeply.

Compassionate vendor dedication to animals and business

The vendor was renowned for his compassionate nature and affinity for animals.

He provided shelter to ten stray dogs at his home and spent over RM 2,000 (US$426.30) each month on their sustenance alone.

Every day, before opening his stall, he prepared a substantial pot of rice and procured sizable slices of mackerel as the main course for the stray cats and dogs in the vicinity.

He would feed them while making his way to the stall.

The food center manager fondly remembered the vendor as a cheerful individual.

His reasonably priced chicken chop, typically priced at around RM10 (US$2.13) per plate, earned him fame not only locally but also from neighbouring regions.

Another vendor at the food center emphasized the vendor’s kindness toward stray animals, pointing out his daily commitment to preparing freshly cooked meals for them.

For more than two decades, the vendor had steadfastly devoted himself to his chicken chop business.

Commencing his day as early as 8 a.m., he diligently managed the stall until every last plate was sold, a routine that often concluded by 1 p.m.

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The good go early. RIP sir.

While I do not mean to tarnish, or stereo type people, events, or tragedies – but invariably, in life, one is difficult to associate this type of tragic way of dying relate to rich pple meeting their end in similar fashion.
Poor fella.