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Discovery of cockroach in a soy sauce bottle shocks Malaysian woman

In a startling culinary revelation, a diner’s soy sauce experience turned into a nightmarish encounter when three cockroaches emerged from the bottle.




MALAYSIA: On a fateful Tuesday (19 Sep), an astonishing video clip shared by TikTok user @laylaazli suddenly took the internet by storm. The video depicted her relishing a plate of steaming rice adorned with soy sauce.


memang ku sumpah kau 7 keturunan lipas tak bole bertelur 😭#fypage

♬ suara asli – Basyirstory – Basyirstory🎭

Little did she know that her culinary delight would soon take a distressing turn when she made a harrowing discovery—three cockroaches nestled within the confines of her soy sauce bottle.

A closer inspection of the video unearths the presence of sizable cockroaches residing within the bottle.

The revelation dawned on Layla only after she had poured the sauce onto her rice for the second time. To her shock, the soy sauce bottle had unwittingly become an arthropod refuge.

How did the cockroaches invade the soy sauce bottle?

Subsequently, Layla elucidated the situation in a more comprehensive manner for her audience.

She recounted her amusement at the comments made by viewers, some of whom jokingly speculated about the cockroach’s future evolution.

As for the perplexing question of how the cockroach invasion came to be, Layla attributed it to her own lapse in vigilance and assured that it had no ties to any commercial entity.

In a household, it can be all too easy for the occupants to overlook sealing the soy sauce bottle properly.

Still, Layla remained befuddled as to how a robust cockroach had managed to infiltrate the bottle through its seemingly minuscule orifice.

Layla also emphasized that she suffered no adverse health effects, such as stomach discomfort or food poisoning, following the incident.

Netizens respond with humor to the cockroach saga

The video, which has garnered over 641 thousand views, has evoked a plethora of reactions from amused netizens.

Scrolling through the comment section, one can find humor and jest aplenty.

Some wittily queried whether Layla had transformed into a “cockroach girl” after consuming soy sauce tainted by the critters.

comment cockroach girl

Others remarked that the cockroach found in the ketchup bottle might just be an unexpected source of extra protein.


Amid the humorous banter, several commenters shared their own experiences of encountering unwanted guests in condiment bottles, further solidifying the notion that culinary surprises can manifest in the most unexpected of ways.


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