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Trishaw peddler filmed sniffing glue in a public place in Malaysia

A viral video captured a trishaw peddler in Penang, potentially inhaling glue. Posted by @isusemasaviral on X (formerly Twitter), it showed a young man beside his red trishaw holding a plastic bag with glue, raising concerns for tourist safety. This incident raises questions about the role of authorities in addressing substance abuse in the community.



MALAYSIA: A video clip capturing a trishaw peddler potentially inhaling glue in Penang has gone viral on social media.

A user on X (formerly Twitter), using the handle @isusemasaviral, shared a video of a young man in his early twenties.

The man was seen standing beside his red trishaw by the roadside, holding a transparent plastic bag believed to contain glue, which is sometimes misused recreationally.

The individual, whose skin appeared tanned, struggled to maintain his balance and expressed displeasure at being recorded by the person in a vehicle who was capturing the video.

The X user posted with the caption, “Hope the authorities take quick action. It’s dangerous for tourists who use these trishaws.”

The video which was posted on Tuesday (19 Sept) has garnered 694.6K views at the time of writing.

From humor to concern, the trishaw peddler’s unusual behavior draws mixed reactions

The peddler’s relaxed use of the substance in a public environment raises alarm among internet users.

However, the comment section appears to be inundated with humorous remarks from netizens.

Many of them are jesting about a “trip to the moon,” playfully suggesting that the trishaw peddler might cycle his way to the moon with his passengers.

An X user commented, “New (tourist) attraction in Penang, trishaw trip to the moon.”

He also expressed his hope that the authorities would swiftly apprehend the trishaw peddler because he feared potential collisions with other vehicles.

“Bro cycled his trishaw through the galaxy.”

Another user commented that she had seen the same man sniffing glue near Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Some expressed their sympathy towards the peddler and hoped that he would get the help needed to be rehabilitated.

“I hope the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) will catch this man and bring him to the rehabilitation center so that he can change… but what if he’s the family’s breadwinner?”

Another online user noted that they had witnessed the man multiple times, using the trishaw to transport his paralyzed father instead of catering to tourists.

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