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Tragic collision at mosque in Padang, Indonesia claims life of 8-year-old child

On Monday (18 Sep), tragedy struck in Padang, West Sumatra Province, as an 8-year-old was crushed by concrete during a mosque collision.

While innocently performing ablution, a motorbike, ridden by a teenager in a school uniform, collided with a parking area barrier, causing devastating head injuries.




INDONESIA: A devastating accident unfolded on Monday (18 Sep), in Padang, West Sumatra Province, leading to the loss of a young life.

An 8-year-old child met with a devastating fate as he was crushed by a piece of concrete after a collision with a motorbike.

The incident occurred within the premises of the Lubuk Minturun Grand Mosque, situated in Lori Lubuk Minturun, Koto Tangah District, Padang.

The young victim was innocently performing ablution nearby, by a water tap positioned lower than the mosque’s parking area.

The tragedy unfolded when a motorbike, ridden by a teenager and wearing a white and blue school uniform, collided with the concrete barrier in the mosque’s parking area.

The impact caused the concrete to collapse directly onto the boy, leading to severe head injuries.

The administrator of the Lubuk Minturun Grand Mosque, Desriadi, learned about the accident from a concerned resident who had contacted him by phone.

Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, it became apparent that the motorbike had lost control and struck the concrete barrier while G was washing his hands.

The young victim was a student in an Al Quran education class at the Lubuk Minturun Grand Mosque.

The victim was immediately transported to Siti Rahmah Hospital via a pickup truck and later referred to M Djamil Central General Hospital.

Tragically, he was declared dead at 05.39 pm local time.

The accident, which took place at 03.09 pm local time, has prompted an investigation by the Padang City Police Traffic Unit.

The motorbike involved has been secured at the Padang Police Traffic Accident Unit for further examination.

It is believed that the motorbike lost control while approaching the mosque parking area.

The police are currently holding the motorbike rider for questioning as they work to piece together the details of this heartbreaking accident.

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