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Three injured in terrifying taxi collision along Moulmein Road

In a heart-stopping incident on Moulmein Road, a red taxi careened at high speed, colliding with a black car, sending it spinning out of control. A pedestrian’s narrow escape and three injured passengers added to the shocking scene.




SINGAPORE: A video circulating on social media captures a harrowing accident involving a red taxi that was traveling at a high speed, transitioning from Mandalay Road onto Moulmein Road.

In a video shared on the Facebook group on 18 September, a red taxi can be seen accelerating out of Mandalay Road onto Moulmein Road, resulting in a collision with a black car.

The impact sent the taxi careening across the road, eventually coming to a rest.

The force of the collision caused the black car to spin out of control, leading it to collide with the road divider and a nearby tree, causing a cloud of dirt to billow up.

A pedestrian, who was walking along the grass verge, narrowly escaped being struck by the spinning car.

In her attempt to evade the approaching vehicle and the ensuing dust cloud, she lost her footing and fell onto the verge.

Meanwhile, the taxi continued its trajectory onto the adjacent road after the collision with the car.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday afternoon (17 Sep), on Moulmein Road, resulted in three men being transported to the hospital due to the taxi’s high-speed impact with the moving car.

Remarkably, the vehicles narrowly avoided colliding with a pedestrian who was walking on the road divider.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) reported that they were alerted to the accident near the junction of Mandalay Road and Moulmein Road around 02.00 pm local time on Sunday (17 Sep).

The police confirmed that a 61-year-old driver and his 45-year-old passenger, along with another 68-year-old taxi driver, were taken to the hospital while still conscious.

Two of the injured individuals were transported to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, while the third was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital.

The police have stated that the taxi driver involved is cooperating with ongoing investigations into the accident.

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68 yrs old…no retirement was either taxi or food delivery.
Who did the taxi driver voted for?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Which camp?