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Sexual harassment allegations cast controversy over Malaysian Ustaz Ebit Lew

Prominent preacher Ebit Lew is embroiled in a growing scandal involving allegations of sexual harassment.

Legal actions are being pursued as authorities investigate the claims, raising questions about the preacher’s reputation.



MALAYSIA: Renowned preacher Ebit Irawan Ibrahim Lew, recognized as Ebit Lew, finds himself embroiled in a growing controversy over allegations of sexual misconduct involving Indonesian influencers.

The controversy escalated when rapper and humanitarian activist Caprice featured the allegations in a special podcast episode, prompting Ebit Lew to file a police report in response to the defamation he claims to have endured.

Ebit Lew took to his Facebook page to announce that he had filed the police report at the USJ 8 police station after returning to Malaysia from Saudi Arabia.

He also indicated that legal action would be pursued regarding the matter.

“I just arrived from Jeddah at 12 last night and went straight to the police station to report these highly sensational and entirely unfounded accusations against me. I leave it to the police to investigate and take appropriate action.”

“I have also forwarded the case to my lawyer for further legal action,” he wrote in his Facebook statement.

Mondy Tatto claims sexual harassment by Ebit Lew

The Indonesian influencer involved in the controversy, Mondy Tatto, has publicly shared her account of alleged sexual harassment by the prominent preacher.

On September 15, Malaysian artist Caprice invited Mondy Tatto to participate in his podcast.

During the 27-minute-long video, she recounted an incident in which she claimed that a famous Malaysian preacher made unwanted physical contact with her.

The alleged harassment occurred after Ebit Lew and the influencer had arrived in Malaysia from Indonesia and were travelling together in a vehicle with a driver.

Mondy Tatto detailed how Ebit Lew allegedly touched her hand, raised his robe, and closed the curtain separating the backseat from the driver’s area, leaning in closer to her.


(Photo: Youtube/CapriceOriginalFilms)

However, the situation was reportedly interrupted by the driver, who questioned why the curtain was closed.

Ebit Lew allegedly explained that the influencer was sensitive to light.

Caprice’s team takes proactive steps in the wake of Ebit Lew’s report

According to news reports, Caprice’s team had taken several steps before airing the podcast episode.

These measures included lodging a police report, collecting evidence, arranging a psychiatric assessment for Mondy, and obtaining consent from the alleged victims.

In response to Ebit Lew’s report, Caprice posted on Instagram on Monday (18 Sep), saying, “Hello @ebitlew, kindly expedite the summons, allowing Mondy to counter-sue with supporting evidence.”

According to Caprice, this step will allow Mondy to initiate further legal proceedings against the preacher.

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