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Malaysian school’s act of appreciation for janitor wins netizens’ approval

A school’s heartfelt recognition of a dedicated janitor has gone viral on social media. In a heartwarming video, the janitor’s award was met with cheers and applause, sparking a wave of praise for the school’s thoughtful gesture. This touching act also underscores the significance of appreciating the unsung heroes who keep our schools clean.



MALAYSIA: A school’s genuine effort in awarding a janitor has garnered widespread praise on social media.

In a touching gesture, a man who had served a school located in Shah Alam for a long time was given an award by the school’s management in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s independence month.

In the video, the crowd erupted in cheers and chants as the janitor made his way to the stage to accept his award.

As the janitor passed by, students and staff could be observed applauding.

The event was captured and shared by a TikTok user under the name “brader_bear” on 16 September.

Written in the caption on the video, “He is very willing to help when asked, which is why he is cherished here.”

“He was delighted to receive the award.

Thank you for greatly assisting the school,” the TikToker added.

What is even more touching is that before receiving the award on stage, the janitor took a moment to pick up litter on the stage stairs.


The post received an inundation of positive comments lauding the school for its considerate action.

Netizens also commended the school for setting a positive example for students, encouraging them to appreciate individuals regardless of their race, age, or status.

A TikToker mentioned that schools in Malaysia do not usually give awards to their janitors, emphasizing the importance of recognizing them as the backbone of the schools responsible for maintaining cleanliness.

In addition to the school, the janitor also garnered praise.

One netizen shared that she knew the janitor from her former secondary school and described him as exceptionally hardworking.

“I always see him working, in the corridors, the school field, everywhere I go, I see him cleaning. He deserves the award.”

“An excellent example, even before going up the stairs, he continues to provide service, picking up litter and putting it in his pants pocket, truly deserving of appreciation.”

Another netizen pointed out that the janitor must have a friendly rapport with the students, as evident from their enthusiastic cheers in the video.

In the meantime, some individuals stressed that the video highlights the advantages of having a diverse student body in schools, fostering mutual respect among various racial groups.

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