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Ride malfunction raises concerns: Another viral video of visitors left stranded mid-air at Malaysia’s Genting Skyworld Theme Park

Visitors at Genting Skyworld Theme Park faced terror when an amusement ride malfunctioned, leaving them stranded mid-air. The incident was captured by a TikTok user, who noted the technical issue after an hour-long wait. The park’s management declined to comment, and other netizens shared similar experiences of ride malfunctions and maintenance woes.



MALAYSIA: A TikTok user shared a terrifying experience of visitors at Genting Skyworld Theme Park left stranded mid-air when an amusement ride suddenly malfunctioned.

A TikTok user under the name “monolidtreasure” narrated the unfolding events in a 42-second video.

In the video, riders were helplessly suspended on the Samba Gliders due to a technical issue.

The TikToker mentioned they had waited in line for an hour and noticed a problem when the queue hardly moved.

At that moment, she became aware that roughly ten individuals were suspended in mid-air due to the ride’s malfunction.

Although OP expressed her fondness for the Acorn Adventure and Samba Gliders rides, she asserted that she wouldn’t consider riding them again, even if it were complimentary.

Local media has reported that incidents of this nature are a recurring issue at the theme park, as stated by the locals.

The video subsequently shared on platform X, amassed an impressive 1.3 million views.

Previous instances of ride malfunction at the theme park

Certainly not the first occurrence, the rides at the theme park have frequently malfunctioned, leaving visitors stranded halfway through the ride.

A netizen shared another video of a ride malfunction on X, quote retweeting the viral video.

The netizen shared that the Epic Voyage to Moonhaven ride came to an abrupt halt halfway through, resulting in visitors being left stranded in the rain.

In the video, the caption indicated that the guests remained stuck for a duration of 15 minutes amidst a downpour, with a child continuously crying in the front row.

As per a report from WeirdKaya, the management of Genting Skyworld Theme Park chose not to provide a statement when approached regarding the concerns.

Netizens share similar experiences regarding ride malfunctions at the theme park

Netizens revealed that they’ve encountered comparable situations, as the rides at the theme park are consistently undergoing maintenance whenever they visit, resulting in disappointment.

One netizen remarked that they had made three visits to the theme park, and on each of those occasions, the Samba Glider ride experienced technical problems.

Several netizens voiced their frustration after visiting the theme park and spending a substantial amount of money, only to be unable to go on rides due to technical problems.

A netizen mentioned that while the Samba Glider may not be as frightening as some other rides, being stranded at such a considerable height would undoubtedly induce panic.

A netizen suggested that the theme park should offer a refund to its visitors.

Meanwhile, a few others pointed out that ride malfunctions are a frequent occurrence and even take place in other countries.

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